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Catholic patriotism in the United States. An echo of the Catholic patriotic demonstration at Washington, D.C. on Memorial Day, 1917.. Glynn, Martin H. 1917

New York :

Encyclopedia Press,

Catholic Patriotic Demonstration, May, 1917, Speeches, Patriotism
Ceremony at the unveiling of a bust of His Eminence Desideratus Cardinal Mercier ... C.S. Paolo, Sculptor, at the Library Hall of the University.. Guthrie, William D. 1921

New York :

Mercier, Désiré Joseph, Cardinal, Speeches
Colonnade and the temple. Kelley, Francis Clement, Bishop. 1940

New York :

Boy Scouts of America,

Boy Scouts of America, Speeches
Discourse delivered at the Commemoration of the landing of the Pilgrims of Maryland, celebrated May 11, 1846, at Mt. St. Mary's,.. McSherry, James. 1846

Emmitsburg :

Star Office,

Maryland - History, Speeches
Discourses. Cicognani, Amleto Giovanni, Archbishop. 1933

Washington, D.C. :

National Catholic Welfare Conference,

Catholic action, Speeches
Liberty dead in Mexico. Speech of Hon. James A. Gallivan of Massachusetts in the House of Representatives, Monday, June 28, 1926. Gallivan, James A. 1926

Washington, D.C. :

Government Printing Office,

Mexico, Speeches
Memorial to 'The Nuns of the Battlefield.' Speech ... in the House of Representative, Monday March 18, 1918. Kennedy, Ambrose. 1918

Washington, D.C.

Government Printing Office,

Civil War, Nuns of the Battlefield, Speeches
Poor man's view point, an oration ... delivered October 4, 1900 under the auspices of the Illinois Charitable Relief Corps.. Melody, John Webster. 1900

Chicago :

Illinois Charitable Relief Corps,

Charity, Charities - Illinois, Speeches
Remarks of Will. H. Hays ... Monday November 8th at Al Jolson Theatre at premiere of Eucharistic Congress Film. Hays, Will. H. 1926

N.p. :

Motion Picture Producers & Distributors of America,

Eucharistic Congress (Chicago), Speeches
Reply of His Excellency Esteban Gil Borges, Minister of Foreign Relations of the United States of Venezuela to the Rector of Georgetown University... Borges, Esteban Gil. 1921

N.p. :

Law and society, Speeches, Georgetown University
Address at the Friendship Dinner to Rt. Rev. Patrick J. Hayes, D.D., Bishop Auxiliary of New York. Tuesday evening, December fifteenth.. 1914

New York :

Hayes, Patrick J., Cardinal, Speeches
Roman Catholics of America and the Knights of Columbus. Gallivan, James A. 1915

Washington, D.C. :

Government Printing Office,

Knights of Columbus oath, Anti-Catholicism, Speeches
Address by Senator Leroy Percy, Greenville, Miss., March 18, 1922. Percy, Leroy. 1922

New Haven :


Ku Klux Klan, Speeches, Knights of Columbus
Speech of Hon. Lewis V. Bogy, of Missouri, in the Senate of the United States, August 15, 1876. Bogy, Lewis V. 1876

Washington, D.C.

School question, Speeches, U.S. Constitution
Against Ku-Klux Klan, For religious freedom. Speech of Hon. Walter M. Chandler of New York in the House of Representatives, September 11, 1922. Chandler, Walter M. 1922


Ku Klux Klan, Speeches
Speech of J.R. Chandler, of Penn'a, delivered in the House of Representatives, January 10, 1854. Chandler, Joseph Ripley, 1792-1880. 1854

Washington, D.C. :

Congressional Globe,

McGill pamphlets vol.5 Popes - Temporal power, Speeches
Allocution of His Eminence the Cardinal Archbishop of New York to the clergy of the archdiocese. Farley, John, Cardinal. 1912

New York :

New York (Archdiocese), Synods, Speeches
Speech pronounced by William Kuhn, of Philadelphia, on the occasion of his graduation at Mount St. Mary's College, Emmitsburg, June 29, 1837. Kuhn, William. 1837

Baltimore :

Murphy & Spalding, Printers,

Kuhn, William, d. 1837., Mount St. Mary's College, Speeches
Back to the Constitution. Gallagher, Michael J., Bishop.

Denver :

American Publishing Society,

Freedom of religion, Speeches, National Catholic Welfare Council
Temporal power of the pope. A full and authentic report of the brilliant speech ... Chandler, Joseph Ripley, 1792-1880. 1855

Philadelphia :

H. & C. M'Grath,

McGill pamphlets vol.5 Popes - Temporal power, Speeches
Catholic child-helping agencies in the United States : the motive, the methods, and the results. Ring, Thomas F. 1896

N.p. :

Child welfare, Speeches