Breig, Joseph A.

Title Author Date Place of Publication Publisher Series Subjects
Appendix ad directorium vel ordinem. Nonnullae instructiones et rubricae.. 1875 Westchester : Boys' Catholic Protectory, Rubrics
Daniel O'Connell, the liberator. (Born August 6, 1775, died May 15, 1847, aged 72.). A lecture delivered at the Academy of Music.. Burke, Thomas N., O.P. 1875 New York : D. and J. Sadlier & Co., O'Connell, Daniel, Speeches, addresses, etc.
Four lectures on anthropology and biology ... under the auspices of the Detroit College Alumni Association. Lecture IV. Cells; or, evolution. Hughes, Thomas, S.J. 1889 Detroit : Ferguson Printing Co., Evolution, Speeches, addresses, etc., Detroit College
Judges of faith and Godless schools. A compilation of evidence against secular Jenkins, Thomas Jefferson. 1882 New York : Thomas J. Egan, New York Catholic Agency, Common schools, Catholic schools
Louise Lateau : her stigmas and ecstasy. An essay addressed to Jews and Christians of every denomination. Rohling, Augustus. 1876 New York : Hickey & Co., Publishers, Lateau, Louise, Stigmatics.
Arguments in the case of the Eliot School rebellion, by Henry F. Durant for the Durant, Henry F. 1859 Boston : Hubbard W. Swett & Co., Eliot School Rebellion, School question, Law cases
Devotion to the Miraculous Infant Jesus of Prague. Containing a history of its origin and propagation.. 1898 New York : Joseph Schaefer, Infant of Prague
From La Rabida to San Salvador. A drama in four scenes. Written for the Columbian celebration at St. Mary's Academy, Notre Dame, Indiana. Member of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross. 1892 Notre Dame, : Ave Maria Press, Columbus, Christopher, Plays
Key to Zaba's method of studying universal history with chronological chart. Revised and enlarged by the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. Zaba, Napoleon Feliks de. 1890 Oakland : History - Outlines, etc., Mnemonics
Loyalty of Catholics and the treason of American bigots compared. An exposition X.Y.Z. Pittsburgh : Catholic Truth Society, Church and state, Religious freedom
Art, a poem ... delivered before the St. Louis Art Society, Friday evening, October 30th, 1874. Bailey, Jno. Jay. 1875 St. Louis : Little & Becker, printers, Poetry
Dilecto filio nostro Jacobo ... Cardinali Gibbons ex apostolica dispensatione archiepiscop Baltimorensi ... Quod in novissimo conventu. Catholic Church. Pope [1878-1903 : Leo XIII]. 1887 N.p.: Catholic University of America
Froude's crusade - both sides. Lectures by Very Rev. T.N. Burke, O.P., John Mitchel, Wendell Phillips, and Mr. James Anthony Froude,.. O'Brien, James W., ed. 1872 New York : J.W. O'Brien, Publisher, Burke, Thomas N., O.P., Froude, James A., Temperance movement
L’Education: Droits, Devoirs, Autorite, Liberte. Response a la Civilita Cattolica. Bouquillon, Thomas J. 1892 Baltimore : John Murphy & Co. School question, Civilita Cattolica
Luther's own statements concerning his teaching and its results. Taken exclusively from the earliest and best editions. O'Connor, Henry, S.J. 1884 New York : Benziger Bros, Luther, Martin
Babbler, a drama for boys in one act. Adapted from the French by Mrs. J. Sadlier 1868 New York : D. & J. Sadlier & Co., Plays, Sadlier, Mrs. J.
Discourse delivered at the Commemoration of the landing of the Pilgrims of Maryland, celebrated May 11, 1846, at Mt. St. Mary's,.. McSherry, James. 1846 Emmitsburg : Star Office, Maryland - History, Speeches
Funeral oration on the Most Rev. John B. Purcell, D.D., first archbishop of Cincinnati,.. Gilmour, Richard, Bishop of Cleveland. 1883 New York : Benziger Bros, Purcell, John B., Archbishop, Eulogies
Labors of Msgr. A. Ravoux among the Sioux or Dakota Indians. From the fall of the Ravoux, Augustine. 1897 St. Paul : Pioneer Press Co., Indians of North America- Missions, Missionaries
Man from a Christian point of view. Read before the Parliament of Religions in Chicago, September 13, 1893. Byrne, Thomas S. 1893 Cincinnati, Ohio : Robert Clarke & Co., Anthropology, Christian, Addresses, Parliament of Religions
Biographical sketch of the Most Rev. John Hughes, D.D., Archbishop of New York. With portrait. 1864 New York : Metropolitan Record, Hughes, John, Archbishop
Ecclesiastical history, abridged for the use of schools. Translated from the French, by a friend of youth. A new, enlarged edition. 1868 Baltimore : John Murphy & Co., Church History
Golden book, or humility in practice. Translated from the French, and revised by 1846 Baltimore : John Murphy, Humility, Spiritual life
Lecture, delivered December 30th, 1852, in Sansom Hall, Philadelphia. Stonestreet, Charles H., S.J. 1853 Baltimore : John Murphy & Co., Classical studies, Speeches, addresses, etc.
' Man's aim in society.' O'Gorman, Thomas. 1886 St. Louis : Carreras Steam Print, St. Louis Catholic Lecture Bureau, Social problems, Speeches, addresses, etc.
Brief exposition of the aims of the St. Cecilia Society, in the United States,.. St. Cecilia Society. 1880 Milwaukee : Milwaukee Seebote, Book & job printing house, Music (Canon law), Organizations, Kornuller, Utto, O.S.B.
Education in California. Three letters. Yorke, Peter C. 1900 San Francisco : Text Book Publishing Company, Higher education - California
Great evil; or, mortal sin. Furniss, J., C.SS.R. 1863 Baltimore : Kelly, Hedian & Piet, Books for children, III Sin, mortal
Lectures on Catholicity and Protestantism. Lecture fifth : the Catholic Church the Church of the Bible. Nichols, T.L. 1859 New York : Published by the author, Apologetics
Methodus disputandi ad usum scholasticorum a Congregationis Missionis Sacerdote exarata. Kenrick Seminary. Apud Stm. Ludovicum, Seminarium Kenrickianum, Disputations, Academic
Father talks to anti-lifers. Breig, Joseph A. 1944 Oconomowoc (WIS) : Liguorian Pamphlet Office, League of St. Gerard #3 Birth control, Planned Parenthood
Catholic child-helping agencies in the United States : the motive, the methods, and the results. Ring, Thomas F. 1896 N.p. : Child welfare, Speeches
Encyclical letter of Our Most Holy Lord Pius IX ... examined by the Right Rev. Bishop of Philadelphia, and published with his approbation. Catholic Church. Pope [1846-1878 : Pius IX]. 1874 Philadelphia : McLaughlin Brothers, printers, Church and state - Switzerland, Encyclicals
Great question; or, why did God create you? Furniss, J., C.SS.R. 1863 Baltimore : Kelly, Hedian & Piet, Books for children, II Man (Theology)
Lectures on Catholicity and Protestantism. Lecture first : History of the Holy Catholic Church. Nichols, T.L. 1859 New York : Published by the author, Apologetics
Must there be a war? Breig, Joseph A. 1954 Notre Dame : Ave Maria Press, Peace
Catholic Church and the saloon. Ireland, John, Archbishop. 1894 Buffalo : Catholic Truth Society, Saloons
Encyclical of Pope Pius IX., given at Rome December 8, 1864, and the Syllabus of Errors Condemned. Catholic Church. Pope [1846-1878: Pius IX] 1870 Baltimore Kelly, Piet and Company Encyclical - Pius IX, Pope., Syllabus of Errors Condemned
Great Southwest, its attractions, resources and people. A lecture ... delivered before the students of Notre Dame University, May 25, 1883. Zahm, John A., C.S.C. 1883 Notre Dame : University Press, United States. - Southwest, Speeches, addresses, etc.
Leo XIII and his probably policy. O'Reilly, Bernard. 1878 New York : Peter F. Collier, publisher, Leo XIII.
Address of the Hon. Zach. Montgomery on the state system of education at the Commencement of St. John's College, Washington, D.C., June 24, 1887. Montgomery, Zach. 1887 Washington, D.C. : Church News, Printers, Washington, D.C. St. John's College, Addresses, Commencement, School question
‘Catholic:' an essential and exclusive attribute of the true Church. Second edition. Capel, Thomas J. 1884 New York : Wilcox & O'Donnel, publishers; D. & J. Sadlier & Co., Catholic (Word), Anglicans
Essay upon human biology. Twitchell, Willard. 1884 Syracuse : Smith & Bruce, printers, Evolution
Higher education in Greece. Quinn, Daniel A. 1894 N.p. : Higher education - Greece - 19th cent., Catholic University of America
Letter on Christian union, addressed to the bishops of the Protestant Episcopal Church. Kenrick, Francis Patrick, Archbishop. 1841 Philadelphia : Eugene Cummiskey, Christian Union, Addresses
Address. Keane, John J., Archbishop. 1893 Washington, D.C. : St. John's College, Christian Brothers, Addresses, Commencement, Catholic University of America
Charlestown Convent; its destruction by a mob, on the night of August 11, 1834. 1870 Boston : Patrick Donahoe, Ursulines - Charlestown (Mass.), Anti-Catholicism
Exercise of the Way of the Cross, as it is performed at Jerusalem, and in the Colosseum at Rome.. 1855 New York : Edward Dunigan & Brothers, Way of the Cross, Catalogs, Publishers
Holy Hour dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus once in the Garden of Olives. 1896 New York : Cathedral Library Association, Holy Hour
Letter to his late parishioners ... Second American, reprinted from the London Law, William Towry. 1858 Baltimore : Murphy & Co., Printers and publishers, Conversion - Personal narratives, Catalogs, Publishers', Wilberforce, Henry William.