Franciscan. Third Order.

Title Author Date Place of Publication Publisher Series Subjects
Family Tree Census Leipzig, Francis P. [Portland, OR?] Religious census
Act of Hope 1940 Wichita, KS Catholic Action Committee Catholic Action Leaflets Prayer
Handy Companion dedicated to our Soldiers and Sailors Vincentian Father. 1941 Philadelphia H.L. Kilner & Co. Servicemen
Ave Maria Lane McMahon, Thomas J., Msgr. 1954 New York, NY Catholic Near East Welfare Association Marian year
Instruction concerning cases when other Christians may be admitted to Eucharistic Communion in the Catholic Church Hamer, Jerome, O.P. 1972 [Hales Corners, WI] [Priests of the Scared Heart] Eucharist and ecumenism
Catholic Church and the Negro. Lamanna, Richard A. and Jay J. Coakley 1969 Notre Dame University of Notre Dame African Americans.
Martyrs of Virginia, 1571. Kenny, Michael, S.J. 1936 Jesuits, Martyrs
Church and Neighborhood Conservation in Chicago O’Grady, John 1955 Washington, DC National Conference of Catholic Charities Urban blight
Devotion in Honor of St. Dymphna. Virgin and Martyr 1936 Canton, OH Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine. Mercy Hospital., Nervous and mental disorders
Finding New Life in the Spirit 1976 South Bend, IN Word of Life Charismatic renewal
Act of Love 1940 Wichita, KS Catholic Action Committee Catholic Action Leaflets Prayer
Happiness In Marriage. An Ethico-Medical Interpretation. Marriage, Sex in marriage
Baptism 1937 Wichita, KS Catholic Action Committee Catholic Action Leaflets Sacraments - Baptism
Irish Teachers in the Carolingian Revival of Letters Turner, William 1907 Baltimore J.H. Furst Company Irish scholars and missionaries, Carolingian era
Catholic Dictionary Donnelly, Edward McT., S.J. 1943 [Chicago?] Wilcox & Follett Co. Dictionary
Matrimony 1937 Wichita, KS Catholic Action Committee Catholic Action Leaflets Sacraments - Marriage
Church Property Administration. Vol 11:1. Jan-Feb, 1947. 1947 Milwaukee, WI Administrative Publishing Company, Inc. Church Architecture and Maintenance
Devotion to the Boy Saviour for the school and the home. Walsh, W.H., S.J. 1938 New York : Boy Savior Movement, Education, Youth
First Amendment. An interpretation of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States with regard to freedom of religion. Los Angeles Co-Ordinating Council of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Parochial school funding, Religious freedom
Address: The Christian in Today’s World An Instruction: The Catholic Conscience A Pastoral Letter: The Church Has Compassion C.C. Archdiocese of Washington. Archbishop (1948-1973: O’Boyle) O’Boyle, Patrick, Cardinal [Washington, DC] Social justice, Vatican Council (2nd : 1962-1965), Pastoral letters
Heraldry. Ecclesiastical and Secular. Ryan, William F. J. Ecclesiastical heraldry., Coats of arms., Seals.
Bee Outwits Scientist O’Brien, John A. 1945 Bronx, NY Catholic Viewpoint Publications Power of God
Irish Vindicator both of Race and Language O’Daly, P. J. 1911 Boston Angel Guardian Press Ireland - History, Irish language
Catholic information racks. Pontiac, MI : Convert Makers of America, Convert making
Medals and Scapulars 1940 Wichita, KS Catholic Action Committee Catholic Action Leaflets Sacramentals: Medals and Scapulars
Circulaire de Mgr. l’Evêque de Valleyfield au Clerge de son diocese Langlois, Joseph Alfred, Evêque de Valleyfield [Montreal] 1937 Encyclical Divini Redemptoris of Pope Pius XI, Communism
Difficult Commandment. Notes on self-control especially for young men. Martindale, Cyril Charlie , S.J. 1925 New York P.J. Kenedy & Sons Education, Sexual self-control
Frederic Baraga. Adventurer for Christ. Haas, Francis, J. 1950 Marquette, MI Frederic Baraga, Marquette University.
Alienation in America: the Immigrant Catholic and Public Education in Pre-Civil War America. Lannie, Vincent P. 1970 Notre Dame University of Notre Dame
Hidden Treasure. Holy Mass by Saint Leonard of Port Maurice 1971 Rockford, IL TAN Books and Publishers Mass, Saint Leonard of Port Maurice
Bible. Four Lectures. Stapleton, Matthew P. and John J. Murray [Boston] n.p. Old Testament, New Testament
It happened in ‘33 1945 Chicago, IL Soul Assurabce Prayer Plan Sacred Heart of Jesus
Catholic information talks. Pontiac, MI : Convert Makers of America, Convert making
Memorandum... on behalf of the Cathedral Academy, Albany, NY Tobin, Charles J. 1926 Education
Citadel of Democracy New York, NY Catholic Information Society Church and democracy
Diocesan Faculties in the United States. Snee, Joseph M.,S.J. and J. Donald Clark, S.J. 1948 Woodstock, MD Woodstock College Press Faculties granted to priests
Frequent Communion for Freshmen. Intimate Experiences related by students of the University of Notre Dame. Notre Dame, IN Eucharistic Press Third Series of Intimate Experiences Communion, Colleges
Alone with God... 1975 Bronx, NY Redemptorist Brothers Mother of Perpetual Help, Prayers
History and Meaning of the office of Cardinals. LaFarge, John, S.J. 1946 New York New York Tribune Cardinals
Birth Control Ethics. A Criticism. David, Henry, S.J. New York Benziger Brothers Birth control
Jesuits: Religious Rogues McCabe, Joseph 1927 Girard, KS Haldeman-Julius Publications Little Blue Book No. 1144 Anti-Jesuit
Catholic Instructional League. Religious Leaflet. Kennedy, Franklyn 1934 Church Militant
Menace of Rutherfordism Windle, Bertram Charles A., Sir. Chicago, IL Iconoclast Publishing Company Truth and Light Series Anti-Catholicism, Communism
Civilization: Pagan or Christian Shahan, Thomas J., Bishop. Columbus Catholic Educational Association Catholic education., Morality
Directory of Central Diocesan Agencies of Catholic Charities in the United States 1945 Washington, DC National Conference of Catholic Charities Catholic Charities
Frequent Communion for College Men. Intimate Experiences related by students. Notre Dame, IN University Press Communion, Colleges
American Democracy vs. the Spanish Hierarchy New York Spanish Information Bureau Loyalists vs Fascists in Spain
Holy Eucharist 1937 Wichita, KS Catholic Action Committee Catholic Action Leaflets Sacraments - Eucharist
Bishops’ Statements on Catholic Action and Catholic Activity [1935 and 1936] Washinton, DC National Council of Catholic Women
John Joseph Burke. Paulist Father. 1936 Burke memorial