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C.C. Ordo Romanus. 1815.

Ordo divini officii recitandi, Missaeque celebrandae, juxta Breviarium et Missale Romanum, ad usum Metropolitanae Ecclesiae Baltimorensis..

Place of Publication
Baltimori :
Bernardi Dornin, Typis G. Dobbin et Murphy.
Number of Pages
38 p.
Location No.
BT 4283.B19 1815
PCF File
PCF Record Number
Notes suffraganearum, Philadelphiensis, Neo-Eboracensis, Bostoniensis, et Bardstoniensis, pro anno Domini MDCCCXV. At end: Summa of the rubrics. Sections cut out of November, July 19-Aug.24 cut out, no notes from end of July section.