Title Author Date Place of Publication Publisher Series Subjects
Spanish Inquisition [from the U.S. Catholic Magazine.] 1843 Baltimore : Catholic Tract Society, Tract no. 36 Inquisition - Spain
Lectures on religious subjects, chiefly doctrinal, delivered at St. Mary's, Moorfields. No. 1 Wiseman, Nicholas, Cardinal. 1848 New York : Edward Dunigan & Brothers, Collection of pamphlets Apologetics, Speeches, addresses, etc.
Annual catalogue of the officers and students of Mount St. Mary's College, near Emmitsburg, Md. for the academic year 1883-'84. Mount St. Mary's College. 1884 Baltimore : John B. Piet & Co., Colleges
Evolution - fact or fancy? Vecchierello, Hubert, O.F.M. 1934 Paterson (N.J.) : St. Anthony’s Guild , Evolution
Priests' Communion League, a sacerdotal eucharistic league for the propagation ... Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament. 1907 New York : Fathers of the Blessed Sacrament, Societies, Devotions - Eucharistic
Pastoral letter of the archbishop and the bishops of the province of New York C.C. Province of New York. Provincial Council (3d : 1861). 1861 New York : Metropolitan Record, Pastoral letters 2:15 Councils, Pastoral letters, Civil War
History of Saint Mary Help of Christians Church and the Aiken missions. Compiled for the seventy-fifth anniversary. 1942 Aiken (S.C.) : South Carolina. Aiken. St. Mary Help of Christians, Parish histories, Horse Creek Valley Welfare Center
On the necessity of baptism. 1841 Baltimore : Catholic Tract Society, Tract no. 20 Baptism
Circular letter. John Mary Odin, by the grace of God ... Archbishop of New Orleans, to the parish priests of our archiepiscopal city. C.C. Archdiocese of New Orleans. Archbishop (1861-1870 : Odin). Odin, Jean Marie, Archbishop 1863 New Orleans : Pastoral letters 4:28 Louisiana. New Orleans. House of the Good Shepherd, Pastoral letters, Orphanages
Substance of a discourse delivered at Bradford, England. Baines, Peter A., Bishop, 1787-1843. 1840 Baltimore : Catholic Tract Society, McGill pamphlets vol.1 Apologetics
Lettre pastoral de l'Archevêque de la Nouvelle-Orléans, et des évêques de la province au sujet de l'établissement d'un Seminaire americain a Rome. C.C. Province of New Orleans. Archbishop and Bishops. 1859 New Orleans? : Pastoral letters 4:3 American College (Rome)., Pastoral letters, Provincial councils
Back to Benedict. A layman's view of Benedictinism. Ward, Louis B. 1939 Chicago : Benedictine Press, Benedictines
Foreign societies and American schools. Jenkins, Thomas Jefferson. 1894 Buffalo : Catholic Union and Times, School question, Bouquillon collection
Reasonableness of the practices of the Catholic Church. Burke, John J., C.S.P. 1892 New York : Benziger Bros, Apologetics, Catholic Church - Devotions
Constitution and by-laws of The American Federation of Catholic Societies. Revised at Detroit, Mich., August 2-4, 1904. American Federation of Catholic Societies. 1904 Cincinnati, Ohio : Jos. Berning Printing Co., Organizations
Pastoral letter of the Most Rev. Archbishop and suffragan prelates of the province of New York. Addressed to the clergy... C.C. Province of New York. Provincial Council (2d : 1860). 1860 New York : Metropolitan Record, Pastoral letters 2:16 Councils, Pastoral letters, Popes - Temporal power
Phases of Catholicity in Western Pennsylvania during the eighteenth century. Fellner, Felix, O.S.B. 1942 Latrobe : Archabbey Press, Pennsylvania. Western Pennsylvania, Fort Duquesne, Parish histories
Ordo divini officii recitandi missaeque celebrandae, juxta Breviarium et Missale Romanum, ad usum Metropolitanae Ecclesiae.. C.C. Ordo Romanus. 1831. Baltimori : Frederick Lucas, Jr., J. Robinson,
Concilium Baltimorense provinciale VI. habitum anno 1846. C.C. Province of Baltimore. Provincial Council (6th : 1846). 1847 Baltimore : John Murphy, Provincial Councils -Baltimore Councils, Provincial, Eccleston, Samuel, Archbishop
Thoughts on the evils of drunkenness, and the blessings of temperance, suggested to the members of the Total Abstinence Societies... Passionists. 1868 New York : P. O'Shea, publisher, Total Abstinence Societies, Missions, parish
Lettre pastorale et mandement de Monseigneur l'Archevêque de la Nouvelle-Orléans pour le Carême de 1882. C.C. Archdiocese of New Orleans. Archbishop (1870-1883: Perché) Perché, Napoleon, J. , Archbishop 1882 New Orleans : Pastoral letters 4:59 a Lent, Pastoral letters, Religious education
Cantiques français a l'usage du catéchisme de l'Eglise de Saint-Patrice de Baltimore. St. Patrick's Church (Baltimore). 1798 A Baltimore : Jean Hayes, pour le compte de Jacques Rice et Comp., Verret, no. 4 Catechisms
Giovanni Baptista de Rossi (1822-1894), founder of the science of Christian archaeology. Shahan, Thomas J., Bishop. 1900 New York : Cathedral Library Association, Rossi, Giovanni Baptista de
Reverend Mother Seraphim of the Holy Spirit, Prioress of Baltimore Carmel for twenty-seven years. Carmelite Monastery (Baltimore). 1940 Baltimore : St. Mary's Press, Burns, Seraphim of the Holy Spirit, Mother, O.C.D.
Constitution. Catholic Abstinence Union. Diocese of Springfield. Catholic Total Abstinence Union (Diocese of Springfield, Mass.). 1892 Springfield (Mass.): Rafter, Ripley & Co., printers, Temperance societies
Pastoral letter of the Most Reverend Archbishop of New Orleans, Lent of 1891. C.C. Archdiocese of New Orleans. Archbishop (1888-1897 : Janssens) Janssens, Francis, Archbishop 1891 New Orleans : F.C. Philippe : Pastoral letters 4:71 Lent, Pastoral letters, Marriage
St. Joseph Parish, diocese of Indianapolis (1834-1898, Diocese of Vincennes), centenary, 1837-1937. Kleber, Albert, O.S.B. 1937 St. Meinrad : Indiana. Jasper. St. Joseph, Parish histories
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Truth unveiled; or, a calm and impartial exposition of the origin and immediate... Protestant and native Philadelphian. 1844 Baltimore : Metropolitan Tract Society, Anti-Catholicism, Riots - Philadelphia
Major John André, an historical drama in five acts. Haid, P. Leo, O.S.B. 1913 Belmont (N.C.) : Belmont Abbey , Plays, André, John - Drama
Catalogue of the officers and students of Mount St. Mary's College, Emmitsburg, Md. for the academic year 1878-'79. Mount St. Mary's College. 1879 Baltimore : Kelly, Piet and Company (John B. Piet), Colleges
History of Rt. Rev. Michael Egan, D.D., first bishop of Philadelphia. Griffin, Martin I.J. 1893 Philadelphia : Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. St. Mary, Philadelphia (Diocese), Egan, Michael, Bishop
Sanctity of the Church. A sermon delivered at the Third Plenary Council ... in the Cathedral, Baltimore, Md., Sunday, November 30th, 1884. Hennessy, John, Bishop. 1884 Dubuque : Palmer, Winall & Co., Baltimore, Plenary Council of, 3d, 1884., Sermons, Church
Acta et decreta Concilii Plenarii Baltimorensis tertii in Ecclesia Metropolitana Baltimorensi habiti a die IX. Novembris.. C.C. Plenary Council of Baltimore (3d : 1884). 1884 Baltimore : Joannis Murphy et Soc., Councils, Plenary
Defence of the Vindication of the Catholic doctrine, concerning the use and veneration of images, the honor and invocation of saints,.. David, John, Bishop. 1823 Lexington (Ky) : James W. Palmer, David pamphlets, 3 Apologetics, Hall, Nathan, Parsons 787
Pastoral letter of the Rt. Rev. John Dubois, Catholic Bishop of New York, to the clergy and laity of his diocese. C.C. Archdiocese of New York. Bishop (1826-1839 : Dubois). Dubois, John, Bishop 1834 New York : John Doyle, Mason & Co., Printers, Pastoral letters and misc. 6 Diocesan college, Pastoral letters
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William Penn, the friend of Catholics. Griffin, Martin I.J. 1886 Philadelphia : I.C.B.U. Journal, Penn, William, Speeches, addresses, etc.
Manual of the public ceremonies of the Third Plenary Council of Baltimore, for the use of the faithful. 1884 Baltimore : Baltimore Publishing Co., Baltimore, Plenary Council of, 3d, 1884.
Catholic guide of Washington, D.C. Lepley, Wm. H. 1904 Washington, D.C. : Washington, D.C. (Catholic institutions)
Jesuits in Oregon, 1844-1959. Schoenberg, Wilfred P., S.J. 1959 Portland (Ore.) : Oregon-Jesuit, Jesuits - Oregon, Religious communities for men
Servant of God Catharine Tekakwitha. Wynne, John J., S.J. Albany : Tekakwitha, Kateri
Address to the editor of 'The Western Protestant.' Sims, William. 1837 Bardstown : Catholic Advocate, McGill pamphlets vol.2 Rice, Nathan Louis, 1807-1877., The Western Protestant
Doctrine of exclusive salvation explained and proved. 1844 Baltimore : Metropolitan Tract Society, Tract no. 7
Pastoral letter. C.C. Archdiocese of Newark. Bishop (1853 - 1872 : Bayley). Bayley, James Roosevelt, Archbishop 1865 N.p.. : Pastoral letters and misc. 32 Jubilee (1865), Pastoral letters
Pastoral letter directing the publication of the dogmatic Decree of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. C.C. Archdiocese of New Orleans. Archbishop (1850-1860 : Blanc). Blanc, Anthony, Archbishop 1855 New Orleans : Pastoral letters 4:5a Immaculate Conception (Dogma), Pastoral letters
Christian communists in America. A history of the colony of Saint Nazianz, Wisconsin, during the pastorate of its founder ... Beck, Frank S. 1959 St. Paul : Wisconsin. St. Nazianz. St. Nazianz., Parish histories, Oschwald, Ambrose
My crucifix and other verses. Gallagher, Caroline Harris. 1896 Baltimore : Gallery & McCann, publishers, Poetry
Century of Catholicism Shahan, Thomas J. 1902 Washington, DC New Century Press Little Library of Church History No.4 Catholic world history, Catholic University of America, Shahan, Thomas J., D.D.
Spanish Inquisition [from the U.S. Catholic Magazine.] 1843 Baltimore : Catholic Tract Society, Tract no. 37 Inquisition - Spain, Prescott, William H.