Title Author Date Place of Publication Publisher Series Subjects
On the original texts and translations of the Bible. 1840 Baltimore : Catholic Tract Society, Tract no.7 Bible
Substance of a discourse delivered at Bradford, England. Baines, Peter A., Bishop. 1840 Baltimore : Catholic Tract Society, Tract no.3 Speeches, addresses, etc.
Catalogue of the officers and students of Mount St. Mary's College, Emmitsburg, Md. for the academic year 1877-'78. Mount St. Mary's College. 1878 Baltimore : Kelly, Piet & Co., Colleges
Lettre pastoral de Monseigneur l'Evêque de la Nouvelle Orléans, relativement aux tentatives faites pour établir le schisme.. C.C. Archdiocese of New Orleans. Bishop (1835-1850 : Blanc). Blanc, Anthony, Archbishop 1842 New Orleans : Pastoral letters 4:9 Louisiana. New Orleans. St. Louis Cathedral, Pastoral letters, Schisms
Activities of the Pallottine Missionary Sisters in the United States, 1912 - 1937. 1937 N.p. : Pallotine Missionary Sisters, Religious communities of women, Brookland, D.C.
Reasons for becoming a Catholic, a lecture, delivered before St. Peter's Institute, Baltimore. Williams, James A. 1847 Baltimore : Metropolitan Press, Maryland. Baltimore. St. Peter's Institute, Speeches, addresses, etc., Apologetics
Fünfzig Jahre der St. Franziskus-Gemeinde zu Milwaukee, Wis. Gedenkblätterr zur Feier des goldenen Jubiläums 13., 14. und 15. Juni 1920. Bittle, Berchmans, O.F.M. Cap. 1920 Milwaukee : Excelsior Publishing Company, Wisconsin. Milwaukee. St. Francis, Capuchins
Pastoral letter of the Most Rev. Archbishop elect of New Orleans. C.C. Archdiocese of New Orleans. Archbishop (1861-1870 : Odin). Odin, Jean Marie, Archbishop 1861 New Orleans : Pastoral letters and misc. 10 New Orleans (Archdiocese), Pastoral letters
Constitution of the Ladies' Auxiliary, Knights of St. John. Amended and adopted June, 1930 at Dayton, Ohio. Knights of St. John. Ladies' Auxiliary. 1930 Cincinnati, Ohio : H. Nieman & Co., Fraternal societies
Saint Joseph in Appleton, the history of a parish. Roemer, Theodore, O.F.M. Cap. 1943 Appleton : Wisconsin. Appleton. St. Joseph, Parish histories, Capuchins
Ordo divini officii recitandi missaeque celebrandae, juxta Breviarium et Missale Romanum, ad usum Metropolitanae Ecclesiae.. C.C. Ordo Romanus. 1832. Baltimore : Fielding Lucas, Jr.,
Three centuries of Vincentian missionary labor, 1617-1917, and Centenary of the Congregation of the Mission in the United States. 1917 N.p. : Miraculous Medal Press Association, Vincentians, Religious orders for men
Catholic position in the United States. Woefel, La Salle, C.S.C. 1961 Austin (Texas) : St. Edward's University, Catholic Church in the U.S.
Lettre pastorale et mandement de Monseigneur l'Archevêque de la Nouvelle-Orléans, pour le Carême de 1877. C.C. Archdiocese of New Orleans. Archbishop (1870-1883: Perché) Perché, Napoleon, J., Archbishop 1877 Nouvelle-Orléans : Propagateur Catholique, Pastoral letters 4:52 Lent, Pastoral letters
Address to the Reverend Nathan L. Rice; by 'The Eurodelphian Society.' of St. Joseph's College. St. Joseph's College. Eurodelphian Society (Bardstown, Ky.). 1840 Bardstown : B.J. Webb, McGill pamphlets vol.4 Rice, Nathan Louis, 1807-1877, St. Joseph's College. Eurodelphian..
Review of the 'Western Protestant;' edited by Nathan L. Rice. Sims, William, of Kentucky. 1837 Bardstown : B.J. Webb, McGill pamphlets vol.6 Western Protestant, Rice, Nathan Lewis, 1807-1877, Apologetics
Historical sketch of the Philadelphia Theological Seminary of Saint Charles Borromeo, 1832-1890. Schulte, Augustin J. 1891 Philadelphia : Hardy & Mahony, Pennsylvania. Overbrook. St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, Seminaries
Pastoral letter of the Most Reverend Archbishop of New Orleans. John Mary Odin,...Archbishop of New Orleans, to the faithful of our.. C.C. Archdiocese of New Orleans. Archbishop (1861-1870 : Odin). Odin, Jean Marie, Archbishop 1863 New Orleans : Pastoral letters 4:43 Maistre, Claudius Pascal, Pastoral letters, Confederate imprints
Deaf mute; or, The abbé de l'épée. an historical drama in four acts. Translated from the German. 1875 New York : Catholic Publication Society, Plays
Story of St. Joseph's Proto-Cathedral and its paintings. St. Joseph's Proto-Cathedral (Bardstown, Ky.). N.p.: Kentucky. Bardstown. St. Joseph's Proto-cathedral, Parish histories
Ordo divini officii recitandi, missaeque celebrandae, juxta rubricas Breviarii ac Missalis Romani, anno 1841. C.C. Ordo Romanus. 1841. Baltimore : Frederick Lucas, Jr.,
Twenty-five years in China, 1893-1918. Stenz, George M., S.V.D. 1924 Techny : Mission Press, Missions - China, Society of the Divine Word
Character education : a symposium of papers on its culture and development. Wolfe, John M., ed. 1930 New York : Benziger Bros, Character education, National Catholic Educational Assoc., Catholic University of America
Maladies, and the remedies of the American Church. O'Callaghan, Jeremiah. 1860 New York : Published by the author, Usury
Annual commencement of St. Joseph's College, Bardstown, Kentucky. 1839-40. St. Joseph's College (Bardstown, Ky.) 1840 Bardstown : B. J. Webb, McGill pamphlets vol. 4 St. Joseph's College (Bardstown, Ky.), Colleges
Satisfying influence of Catholicity on the intellect and senses;.. Boyce, J. 1851 New-York : Robert Coddington, Catholic Church Doctrines., Speeches, addresses, etc.
James Cardinal Gibbons Shahan, Thomas J., D.D. [Baltimore] n.p. Gibbons, James, Requiem address
Pastoral letter of the Rt. Rev. John Joseph Hennessy, D.D., Bishop of Wichita and Administrator of Concordia, to the clergy.. C.C. Diocese of Wichita. Bishop (1888-1920 : Hennessy). Hennessy, John Joseph, Bishop 1893 N.p.. : Pastoral letters 1:14 Secret societies, Pastoral letters
Discourse, delivered, at the Roman Catholic Church in Boston, on the 9th of May,... Thayer, John. 1798 Boston : Samuel Hall, Jacobinism, Parsons 196
Ordo divini officii recitandi, Missaeque celebrandae. Juxta Breviarium et Missale Romanum, ad usum Ecclesiae totiusque diaecoesis [sic] Baltimorensis. C.C. Ordo Romanus. 1809. Baltimore : Johannis West Butler, Liturgy, Parsons 329
Wisconsin’s Catholic Heritage. 1848-1948. A Centennial Souvenir Booklet. [Gilsdorf, Gordon] n.l. n.p. Wisconsin., Parish histories
Circular of the Catholic Commissioner for Indian Mission, to the Catholics of the United States. Catholic Commissioner for Indian Missions. 1874 Baltimore : John Murphy & Co., Native Americans, Ewing, Charles
Martyrs of New Mexico. A brief account of the lives and deaths of the earliest missionaries... Defouri, James H. 1893 Las Vegas (N.M.) : Revista Catolica Printing Office, Missions - New Mexico, Franciscans - Missions
Battle of Clontarf and other poems. Cudmore, P. 1895 New York : P.J. Kenedy, Ireland, Poems
Sisterhoods and the apostolate. Nelson, Joseph A. 1959 Philadelphia : Peter Reilly Co., Religious life for women, Institute for Spirituality (Phil., 1958), Speeches, addresses, etc.
Lecture on the history of the church, and the cause of sects, delivered before the Literary Association of Eaton, Ohio, on the 26th of January, 1841. Mitchell, Alexander. 1841 Cincinnati, Ohio : Catholic Society for the Diffusion of Religious Knowledge, McGill pamphlets vol.3 Catholic Church, Speeches, addresses, etc., Literary Association (Eaton, Ohio)
Pastoral letter. John Ambrose, ... Bishop of Columbus, to the clergy, secular and regular, and to the laity of the diocese, health and benediction. C.C. Diocese of Columbus. Bishop (1880-1889 : Watterson). Watterson, John Ambrose, Bishop 1881 Columbus (Ohio) : Catholic Columbian Print., Pastoral letters 2:4 Lent, Pastoral letters
Epitome historiae sacrae, auctore l'Homond. Editio nova, quam prosodieae signis, novaque vocum omnium interpretatione.. Lhomond, Charles F. 1817 Novi Eboraci : James Eastburn & Co., Bible - History
Pastoral letter for Lent, 1895, by Most Rev. P. L. Chapelle, Archbishop of Santa Fe. Carta pastoral para la Cuaresma de 1895,.. C.C. Archdiocese of Santa Fe. Archbishop (1894-1897 : Chapelle). Chapelle, Placido L., Archbishop 1895 N.p. : Pastoral letters 1:7 Lent, Pastoral letters
Chronicle history of Saint Patrick's Parish, Charleston, South Carolina. O'Brien, Joseph L. 1937 N.p. : South Carolina. Charleston. St. Patrick, Parish histories
Concilium Baltimorense provinciale VIII, habitum anno 1855. C.C. Province of Baltimore. Provincial Council (8th : 1855). 1857 Baltimore : John Murphy & Co., Councils, Provincial, Kenrick, Francis P., Archbishop
Never none but she : for the Blessed Virgin Mary in this her Marian Year of 1954. 1954 Buffalo : Canisius College, Mary, Blessed Virgin, Marian year, 1954, Poems
Spanish Inquisition [from the U.S. Catholic Magazine.] 1843 Baltimore : Catholic Tract Society, Tract no. 37 Inquisition - Spain, Prescott, William H.
Carta pastoral del Ilmo Sr. Obispo de Guadalajara, a sus diocesanos, sobre la obediencia debida à los prelados. C.C. Diocese of Guadalajara. Bishop (1854 - 1863 : Espinosa). 1861 Nueva-Orleans : Pastoral letters and misc. 23 Obedience, Pastoral letters, Confederate imprints
Letter to the Roman Catholics of Philadelphia, and the United States of America. Friend to the civil and religious liberties of man. 1822 Philadelphia : Robert Desilver, T. Town, printer, St. Mary’s schism, Hoganism, Parsons 748
Priests' discussions on vocations, held under the auspices of the Missionary Union of the Clergy and the Society for the Propagation of the Faith. Missionary Union of the Clergy. 1946 New York : Vocations to the priesthood, Catholic University of America
Fifth annual commencement of St. Mary's College, Marion County, Kentucky, 1840-1. St. Mary's College (St. Mary, Ky.). 1841 Louisville : Morton & Griswold, McGill pamphlets vol.4 St. Mary's College (St. Mary, Ky.)., Colleges
Pastoral letter of the Archbishop of Baltimore and the prelates of the Ecclesiastical Province of Baltimore, July 5, 1960. C.C. Province of Baltimore. Provincial Council ( :1960) 1860 Baltimore : John Murphy & Co., Papal collection, Pastoral letters, Pius IX, Pope
Constitution and by-laws of Catholic Total Abstinence Union of America. Adopted August, 1888. Catholic Total Abstinence Union of America. 1888 Philadelphia : Bradley Bros., Temperance societies
History of St. John the Evangelist Church, Antigo, Wisconsin. Golden Jubilee, 1880-1930. Leiterman, C.L. 1930 Antigo: Berner Bros. Publishing Co., Wisconsin. Antigo. St. John the Evangelist, Parish histories