Title Author Date Place of Publication Publisher Series Subjects
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True Church, indicated to the inquirer. A brief tract for circulation. (Second edition). McGill, John, Bishop. 1862 Richmond : Ritchie & Dunnavant, printers, Catholic Church, Confederate imprints
Lettre circulaire. Jean-Marie Odin ... l’Archevêque de la Nouvelle Orléans, au clergé de notre diocèse. C.C. Archdiocese of New Orleans. Archbishop (1861-1870 : Odin). Odin, Jean Marie, Archbishop 1863 New Orleans : Pastoral letters 4:37 Jus cathedricum, Pastoral letters, Confederate imprints
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Why a Catholic in the nineteenth century? Dix, William Giles. New York : Christian Press Association, Apologetics
Lettre pastorale de Monseigneur l'Evêque de la Nouvelle-Orléans, a l'occasion du synode diocèsan, terminé le 29 avril 1844. C.C. Archdiocese of New Orleans. Bishop (1835-1850 : Blanc). Blanc, Anthony, Archbishop 1844 Nouvelle-Orléans : Propagateur Catholique, Pastoral letters 5:9 Synods, Pastoral letters, New Orleans (Diocese)
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Brief account of the reception of twenty persons into the one fold of the Holy Church... 1858 Baltimore : Murphy & Co., McGill pamphlets vol. 6 Conversion - Personal narratives
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Pastoral address of the Right Rev. Dr. Kenrick, to the Roman Catholic laity of the Diocese of Philadelphia, on occasion of the promulgation... 1831 Philadelphia : Eugene Cummiskey, F. Pierson, printer, Provincial councils, Pastoral letters
Safer side. 1843 Baltimore : Catholic Tract Society, Tract no. 32
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Modern questions in the light of Christian principles and the teaching of the papal encyclicals... Bandas, Rudoph. 1939 Huntington : Our Sunday Visitor , Moral theology - popular works
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Pastoral letter of the Rt. Rev. James Frederic Wood, D.D., Bishop of Philadelphia : to the clergy and laity of the diocese,.. C.C. Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Bishop (1860-1875 : Wood). Wood, James Frederic, Archbishop 1865 Philadelphia : McLaughlin Brothers, Pastoral letters 2:22 Jubilee (1865), Pastoral letters