Title Author Date Place of Publication Publisher Series Subjects
Catholic Negro bishops : a brief survey of the present and the past. Lewis, Carlos A., S.V.D. 1958 Bay St. Louis : Divine Word Publications, African American Catholics., Bishops., Missions
Lettre pastorale et mandement de Monseigneur l'Archevêque de la Nouvelle-Orléans pour le Carême de 1882. C.C. Archdiocese of New Orleans. Archbishop (1870-1883: Perché) Perché, Napoleon, J. , Archbishop 1882 New Orleans : Pastoral letters 4:59 a Lent, Pastoral letters, Religious education
Address to the flocks of the reverend approvers of Blanco White's Internal evidence... Sacerdos. 1826 Baltimore : Fielding Lucas, Jr., J.B. Toy, print., White, Blanco, Parsons 920
Reverend Mother Seraphim of the Holy Spirit, Prioress of Baltimore Carmel for twenty-seven years. Carmelite Monastery (Baltimore). 1940 Baltimore : St. Mary's Press, Burns, Seraphim of the Holy Spirit, Mother, O.C.D.
Hero of Christian charity in our age of philanthropy. The Venerable Joseph Benedict Cottolengo.. Sasia, Joseph C., S.J. N.p. : Cottolengo, Joseph B., Newman Clubs, Speeches, addresses, etc.
Pastoral letter of the Most Reverend Archbishop of New Orleans, Lent of 1891. C.C. Archdiocese of New Orleans. Archbishop (1888-1897 : Janssens) Janssens, Francis, Archbishop 1891 New Orleans : F.C. Philippe : Pastoral letters 4:71 Lent, Pastoral letters, Marriage
Seventy-fifth anniversary of St. John’s Catholic Church. Bradford, Illinois. 1876-1951. Cleary, Thomas J. n.l. n.p. Illinois. Bradford. St. John’s., Parish histories
De vita Ven. Joannis Nep. Neumann, Episcopi Philadelphiensis commentariolum ex annalibus Provinciae Americanae desumptum. Redemptorists. 1911 Ilchestriæ : Congregationis Sanctissimi Redemptoris, Neumann, John Nepomucene, Saint
Ordo divini officii recitandi, missaeque celebrandae, juxta rubricas Breviarii ac Missalis Romani, anno bissextili 1840. C.C. Ordo Romanus. 1840. Baltimore : Frederick Lucas, Jr.,
Three saints for the incredulous. Holland, Robert E., S.J. 1945 New York : Fordham University, Saints
Ceremonies of Low Mass, according to the rubrics of the Missal, decrees of the Hughes, James. 1842 Philadelphia : Eugene Cummiskey, Murphy, Printer, Baltimore Rites and ceremonies, Low Mass
Major John André, an historical drama in five acts. Haid, P. Leo, O.S.B. 1913 Belmont (N.C.) : Belmont Abbey , Plays, André, John - Drama
Annual catalogue of the officers and students of Mount St. Mary's College, near Emmitsburg, Md. for the academic year 1883-'84. Mount St. Mary's College. 1885 Baltimore : Baltimore Publishing Co., Colleges
Sanctity of the Church. A sermon delivered at the Third Plenary Council ... in the Cathedral, Baltimore, Md., Sunday, November 30th, 1884. Hennessy, John, Bishop. 1884 Dubuque : Palmer, Winall & Co., Baltimore, Plenary Council of, 3d, 1884., Sermons, Church
Jacobus Gibbons, Dei et Apostolicae Sedis gratia, Archiepiscopus Baltimorensis et delegatus apostolicus ... Decem et octo abhinc annis. C.C. Plenary Council of Baltimore (3d : 1884) Apostolic Delegate. 1884 N.p. : Baltimore, Plenary Council of, 3d, 1884., Gibbons, James, Cardinal, Councils, Plenary
Pastoral letter of the Rt. Rev. John Dubois, Catholic Bishop of New York, to the clergy and laity of his diocese. C.C. Archdiocese of New York. Bishop (1826-1839 : Dubois). Dubois, John, Bishop 1834 New York : John Doyle, Mason & Co., Printers, Pastoral letters and misc. 6 Diocesan college, Pastoral letters
Syrian Christians: a brief history of the Catholic Church of St. George in Milwaukee, Wis., and a sketch of the Eastern Church. Aneed, Anthony J. 1919 Milwaukee : Wisconsin. Milwaukee. St. George, Parish histories, Melkite
Discourse on General Washington : delivered in the Catholic Church of St. Peter,... Carroll, John, Archbishop, 1735-1815. Baltimore : Warner & Hanna, Washington, George, Jenkins Collection, Parsons 213
Ordo divini officii recitandi, Missaeque celebrandae. Juxta Breviarium et Missale Romanum, ad usum Ecclesiae totiusque diaecoesis [sic] Baltimorensis. C.C. Ordo Romanus. 1808. Baltimore : Johannis West Butler, Liturgy, Parsons 329
Under the ban, a correspondence between Dr. St. George Mivart and Herbert Cardinal Vaughan ... accompanied by two articles by Dr. Mivart. Mivart, St. George. New York : Tucker Publishing Co., Modernism, Vaughan, Herbert, Cardinal
Circular letter. John-Mary Odin ... Archbishop of New Orleans. To the clergy of our diocese. C.C. Archdiocese of New Orleans. Archbishop (1861-1870 : Odin). 1861 New Orleans : Pastoral letters 4:31 Jus cathedricum, Parish revenues
Manual of the public ceremonies of the Third Plenary Council of Baltimore, for the use of the faithful. 1884 Baltimore : Baltimore Publishing Co., Baltimore, Plenary Council of, 3d, 1884.
Baronius Society. Baronius Society (Catholic University of America). N.p. : Catholic University of America., Shahan, Thomas J., Bishop, Church history - societies
Servant of God Catharine Tekakwitha. Wynne, John J., S.J. Albany : Tekakwitha, Kateri
Lead kindly light. President McKinley's favorite hymn by John P. [!] Newman. Illustrated. Newman, John Henry, Cardinal. 1901 Philadelphia : Henry Altemus Co., McKinley, William, President.
Pastoral letter. C.C. Archdiocese of Newark. Bishop (1853 - 1872 : Bayley). Bayley, James Roosevelt, Archbishop 1865 N.p.. : Pastoral letters and misc. 32 Jubilee (1865), Pastoral letters
Episcopal Jubilee, 1868 - 1918, James Cardinal Gibbons. 1918 Baltimore : St. Mary's Industrial School, Gibbons, James, Cardinal, Maryland. Baltimore (Archdiocese)
Pastoral letter directing the publication of the dogmatic Decree of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. C.C. Archdiocese of New Orleans. Archbishop (1850-1860 : Blanc). Blanc, Anthony, Archbishop 1855 New Orleans : Pastoral letters 4:5a Immaculate Conception (Dogma), Pastoral letters
Work. De Bethune, Ade 1949 Newport (R.I.) : John Stevens, Work
Concilium Baltimorense provinciale VIII, habitum anno 1855. C.C. Province of Baltimore. Provincial Council (8th : 1855). 1857 Baltimore : John Murphy & Co., Provincial Councils -Baltimore Councils, Provincial, Kenrick, Francis P., Archbishop
My crucifix and other verses. Gallagher, Caroline Harris. 1896 Baltimore : Gallery & McCann, publishers, Poetry
Carta pastoral del Ilmo Sr. Obispo de Guadalajara, a sus diocesanos, sobre la nececidad de la fé para salvarse. C.C. Diocese of Guadalajara. Bishop (1854 - 1863 : Espinosa). 1861 Nueva-Orleans : Pastoral letters and misc. 22 Faith, Pastoral letters, Confederate imprints
Priests' Communion League, a sacerdotal eucharistic league for the propagation ... Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament. 1907 New York : Fathers of the Blessed Sacrament, Societies, Devotions - Eucharistic
Few chapters to Brother Jonathan, concerning 'infallibility, &c.' or, stictures on Nathan L. Rice's 'Defense of Protestantism,' &c. &c. &c. Scank, Philemon. 1835 Louisville : Published for the author, Rice, Nathan Louis, 1807-1877. Defence of Protestantism, Satires
Pastoral letter of the archbishop and the bishops of the province of New York C.C. Province of New York. Provincial Council (3d : 1861). 1861 New York : Metropolitan Record, Pastoral letters 2:15 Councils, Pastoral letters, Civil War
Erinnerungsblaetter aus de Geschichte der St. Josephs-Gemeinde zu Milwaukee, Wis... 1905 Milwaukee : J.H. Wenzel & Co., Printers, Wisconsin. Milwaukee. St. Joseph, Parish histories
Constitution and by-laws. Revised at Detroit, Mich., August 2-4, 1904. American Federation of Catholic Societies. 1904 Cincinnati, Ohio : Jos. Berning Printing Co., The American Federation of Catholic Societies., Societies
On the necessity of baptism. 1841 Baltimore : Catholic Tract Society, Tract no. 20 Baptism
Speech pronounced by William Kuhn, of Philadelphia, on the occasion of his graduation at Mount St. Mary's College, Emmitsburg, June 29, 1837. Kuhn, William. 1837 Baltimore : Murphy & Spalding, Printers, Kuhn, William, d. 1837., Mount St. Mary's College, Speeches
Catalogue of the officers and students of Mount St. Mary's College, Emmitsburg, Md. for the academic year 1876-'77. Mount St. Mary's College. 1877 Baltimore : Kelly, Piet & Co., Colleges
Lettre pastoral de l'Archevêque de la Nouvelle-Orléans, et des évêques de la province au sujet de l'établissement d'un Seminaire americain a Rome. C.C. Province of New Orleans. Archbishop and Bishops. 1859 New Orleans? : Pastoral letters 4:3 American College (Rome)., Pastoral letters, Provincial councils
Acta synodi dioecesanae Baltimorensis sextae; una cum constitutionibus, ab ... Martino Joanne Spalding, Archiepiscopo Baltimorensi.. C.C. Archdiocese of Baltimore. Synod (6th : 1865). Spalding, Martin John, Archbishop 1865 Baltimore : Kelly et Piet, Provincial Councils -Baltimore Synods, Spalding, Martin J., Archbishop, Pastoral letters
Reasonableness of the practices of the Catholic Church. Burke, John J., C.S.P. 1892 New York : Benziger Bros, Apologetics, Catholic Church - Devotions
Funeral oration... [for] Rt. Rev. Henry Gabriels... Hayes, Patrick J., Archbishop. 1921 New York, NY H.S. Nichols Gabriels, Henry, St. Joseph’s Seminary
Pastoral letter of the Most Rev. Archbishop and suffragan prelates of the province of New York. Addressed to the clergy... C.C. Province of New York. Provincial Council (2d : 1860). 1860 New York : Metropolitan Record, Pastoral letters 2:16 Councils, Pastoral letters, Popes - Temporal power
History of St. Raymond's Church, Westchester, N.Y. O'Neill, D.P. 1898 Westchester : N.Y.Catholic Protectory Print, New York. Westchester. St. Raymond, Parish histories
Constitution of the Catholic Benevolent Society, of Louisville, Ky. January 1, 1840. Catholic Benevolent Society of Louisville. 1840 Louisville : William H. Johnston, printer, McGill pamphlets vol.3 Catholic Benevolent Society of Louisville, Societies
Constitution of the Ladies' Auxiliary, Knights of St. John. Amended and adopted June, 1930 at Dayton, Ohio. Knights of St. John. Ladies' Auxiliary. 1930 Cincinnati, Ohio : H. Nieman & Co., Fraternal societies
Ordo divini officii recitandi missaeque celebrandae, juxta Breviarium et Missale Romanum, ad usum Metropolitanae Ecclesiae.. C.C. Ordo Romanus. 1832. Baltimore : Fielding Lucas, Jr.,
Survey of Protestant theology in our day. Weigel, Gustave, S.J. 1954 Westminster, Md. Newman Press, Protestantism