Title Author Date Place of Publication Publisher Series Subjects
State of Rhode Island, Supreme Court, Providence, Sc. Alfred E. Simard, et al. vs. The Church of the Precious Blood of Woonsocket, et al.... N.p. : Trusteeism, Legal cases, Providence (Diocese)
Golden Jubilee of the priesthood of the Most Rev. Edmond F. Prendergast, D.D. and the dedication of the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. 1915 N.p. : Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul, Parish histories, Prendergast, Edmond F., Archbishop
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Church and labor : attitudes of Catholics in the conflict between capital and labor Dowling, Austin, Archbishop of St. Paul. 1916 St. Louis : Central Bureau of the Central Verein, Penny leaflet no.29-30 Church and labor
Tribute address by Joseph G. Bulter, Jr., at the mass meeting held on May 7, 1919. Celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the ordination of Rev. Bulter, Joseph G. 1919 N.p : Mears, Edward, Addresses, Ohio. Youngstown
24 reasons against laws to abolish private schools and to create state monopoly of schools. Wooten, Dudley G. 1922 Denver : American Publishing Society, Oregon School case, Church schools
History of St. Mary's School, Memphis, Tenn. 1912 N.p. Tennessee. Memphis. St. Mary's School., Parish histories
Patristic studies in Washington as they seem to scholars elsewhere. Catholic University of America. Survey Council. 1931 Washington, D.C. : Patristic studies, Catholic University of America
Episcopal nominations ... Remarks on the condition of the Church in Italy, France and Spain, with suggestions as to the best mode of selecting men to Corrigan, Patrick. 1883 New York : Sullivan & Schaefer, printers, Bishops - Election
Archbishop Kenrick and his work. A lecture ... delivered at the Academy of Music,.. O'Connor, M., S.J. 1867 Philadelphia : Catholic Standard' Office, Kenrick, Francis P., Archbishop.
Pictorial history of St. Callistus' Church, Philadelphia. Grand souvenir, $31,684 parish campaign, 1922. J.M.H. 1922 Burlington (N.J.) Enterprise Publishing Co., Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. St. Callistus, Parish histories
Recollections of Bishop England. 1875 Charleston (S.C.) : News and Courier Job Presses, England, John, Bishop, Washington Light Infantry (Charleston)
Letter to Father Wynne on the Catholic Encyclopedia. Guilday, Peter. 1932 N.p. : Catholic Encyclopedia, Catholic University of America
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Rockne of Notre Dame. Rockne Memorial Association. 1931 Notre Dame : Rockne, Knute, University of Notre Dame
Year book of the diocese of Indianapolis, 1919. C.C. Diocese of Indianapolis. 1919 N.p. : Indiana. Indianapolis (Diocese), Diocesan histories
Minutes of the fifteenth regular meeting ... held at Corpus Christi, Texas, May 15, 1933. Texas Knights of Columbus Historical Commission. 1933 N.p. : Texas, Societies
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Catholic Church in the United States : a sesquicentennial essay. Guilday, Peter. 1926 N.p. : Catholic Church - U.S., Catholic University of America
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International Catholic Truth Society. International Catholic Truth Society. 1921 Brooklyn : Apologetics, Publishers
Catholics and education. 1923 Denver : American Publishing Society, Church and state, Patriotism, Parochial schools
State. Fenlon, John F., S.S. Columbus : Catholic Educational Association State, Catholic University of America, Addresses
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Outline of theoretical work for the Junior American Church History Seminar (1915-1916). Guilday, Peter 1915 Washington D.C. : Church History, Catalogs - School, Catholic University of America
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Church and the Republic. Gibbons, James, Cardinal. 1909 Brooklyn : International Catholic Truth Society, Church and state - U.S.
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Programme of solemn dedication of Saint Vincent Ferrer's Church, fiftieth anniversary of the parish.. 1918 New York : New York. New York City. St. Vincent Ferrer, Parish histories, Dominicans
Regulations for the Jubilee. C.C. Diocese of Buffalo. Bishop (1847-1868 : Timon). Timon, John, Bishop 1850 Buffalo : New York. Buffalo (Diocese), Pastoral letters, Jubilee (1850)
Letters in defence of outraged innocence, charity and virtue, addressed to the admirers and sincere inquirers after truth, &c. Trench, Joseph. 1834 New York : Anti-Catholicism, Truth Teller (New York), Sisters of Charity (New York)
French refugee Trappists in the United States. Flick, Lawrence F. 1886 Philadelphia : D.J. Gallagher, Trappists - U.S., Speeches, addresses, etc.
Brief history of the churches of the diocese of Saint Augustine Florida. Part seven. 1933 St. Leo : Abbey Press, Florida. St. Augustine (Diocese), Diocesan histories, Roth, Benedict, O.S.B.
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Samuel Finley Breese Morse and the anti-Catholic political movement in the United States. Connors, Francis John. N.p. : Morse, Samuel F.B., Anti-Catholicism
You should read the Catholic press, why? NCWC News Service. 1922 N.p : Catholic press
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Helpers of the Holy Souls : who and what they are, with a sketch of the life of their foundress, by the late Rev. Charles B. Garside... Helpers of the Holy Souls. 1898 New York : Convent of the Helpers of the Holy Souls, Helpers of the Holy Souls., Religious communities for women, Smet, Mary of Providence, Mother, H.H.S.
Catholic enigma. Ryan, James Hugh, Bishop. 1931 Washington, D.C: Catholic education, Catholic University of America
Sketch of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament. Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament. N.p. : Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament., Religious communities of men