Title Author Date Place of Publication Publisher Series Subjects
Concilii provincialis Baltimorensis X. In metropolitana Baltimorensi ecclesia, dominica quarta post Pascha,.. C.C. Province of Baltimore. Provincial Council (10th : 1869). 1870 Baltimore : Joannis Murphy, Councils, Provincial, Spalding, John, Archbishop
Pope's war work. What has been done during the war by the Holy Father. 1918 New York : America Press, World War I, Benedict XV, Pope, Civilta Cattolica
Pastoral letter of the Most Rev. Martin John Spalding, D.D., Archbishop of Baltimore, to the clergy and laity.. C.C. Archdiocese of Baltimore. Archbishop (1864-1872 : Spalding) Spalding, Martin John, Archbishop 1865 Baltimore : Kelly & Piet, Pastoral letters, Synods
Constitutiones latae et promulgatae ab Illmo. ac Revmo. D.D. Thaddaeo Amat, Congregationis Missionis, Episcopo Montereyensi.. C.C. Diocese of Monterey-Los Angeles. Synod (2d : 1869) 1869 San Francisco : Mullin, Mahon & Sociorum, California (Diocese), Synods, Amat, Thaddeus, Bishop
Report of the trial of Dr. Wm. H. Stokes and Mary Blenkinsop, physician and sister superior of Mount Hope Institution,.. Stokes, William H., Defendant. 1868 Baltimore : Kelly & Piet, printers and publishers, Mount Hope Institute (Baltimore)., Court cases, Anti-Catholicism
Pastoral letter, of the Right Reverend Bishop of Natchez, on the occasion of the diocesan synod, closed on the Eighteenth of April, 1858. C.C. Diocese of Natchez. Bishop (1857-1880 : Elder). 1858 New-Orleans : Catholic Standard, Vocations, Pastoral letters, Elder, Bishop
First annual report of St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys of the city of Baltimore; to the Legislature of the state of Maryland,.. St. Mary's Industrial School (Baltimore). 1869 Baltimore : Kelly & Piet, Institutions for boys, Maryland. Baltimore. St. Mary's ...
Statuta dioecesis Burlingtonensis. C.C. Diocese of Burlington (Vt.). Bishop 1878 St. Albans : Advertiser Printing House, Vermont. Burlington (Diocese), Synodal laws - Burlington, De Goesbriand, Louis, Bishop
Instruction pastorale de Mgr. Martin, Evoque de Natchitoches, son clergé, au sujet des mariages mixtes. C.C. Diocese of Natchitoches. Bishop (1853-1875 : Martin). 1871 N.p.. : Interfaith marriage, Pastoral letters, Martin, Bishop
Ambrosius, Dei gratia et Sanctae Sedis auctoritate Archiepiscopus Baltimorensis omnibus sacerdotibus nostrae dioeceseos.. C.C. Archdiocese of Baltimore. Archbishop (1817-1828 : Maréchal) Maréchal, Ambrose, Archbishop 1820 N.p.. : Pastoral letters, Synods, Parsons 652
Annual collection for the support of the ecclesiastical students of the diocese of Newark. Names of the managers, solicitors and subscribers of 1871. C.C. Diocese of Newark. 1872 Newark : J.J. O'Connor & Co., Diocesan collections, New Jersey. Newark (Diocese)
Synodus dioecesana Neo-Eboracensis prima, habitum anno MDCCCLIV. C.C. Diocese of New York. Synod (1st : 1854). 1855 Neo-Eboraci : Edward Dunigan & Bros., New York. New York (Province), Councils, Provincial
On the great need of a Catholic University.. Shahan, Thomas J., Bishop. 1901 Washington, D.C. : New Century Company, Conaty, Thomas J., Sermons, Catholic University of America
Catholic chapter in the history of the United States : a lecture ... Hughes, John, Archbishop. 1852 New York : Edward Dunigan & Brothers, Catholic Church in the U.S., Speeches, addresses, etc., Sisters of Mercy
What Catholics do not believe. A lecture delivered in Mercantile Library Hall, on Sunday evening, December 16, 1877. Ryan, Patrick John, Archbishop. 1878 St. Louis : P. Fox, Publisher, Apologetics, Speeches, addresses, etc., Publishers' catalogs
Pastoral letter of His Eminence Cardinal Mercier, Archbishop of Malines, Belgium. [Reprinted from The New York Times] January 22, 1915. C.C. Archdiocese of Malines. Archbishop (1906-1926 : Mercier). 1915 New York : Catholic Church in Belgium, World War I, Pastoral letters
Concilii provincialis S. Francisici I. in Ecclesia Metropolitana Sancti Francisci A.D. MDCCCLXXIV. habiti, et a Sede Apostolica.. C.C. Province of San Francisco. Provincial Council (1st : 1874). 1875 Sancti Francisici : Thomas & Co., Provincial councils, Pastoral letters, Alemany, Joseph S., Archbishop
Popular fallacies. A lecture delivered by John O'Byrne, Esq., at Institute Hall... O'Byrne, John. 1871 Wilmington : George Chance, Book & Job Printer, Y.M.C. Philopatrian Literary Institute (Wilmington, Del.), Speeches, addresses, etc., Errors, historical
Pastoral letter of the Most Rev. the Archbishop of Baltimore, and the other Right Reverend and Very Reverend Prelates of the Roman Catholic.. C.C. Province of Baltimore. Provincial Council (1st: 1829) England, John, Bishop of Charleston (1820-1842) 1829 Baltimore : Fielding Lucas, Jr., J.D. Toy, Printer, Councils, Provincial (1st), Pastoral letters, Parsons 1014
Constitutiones synodi dioecesani Detroitensis primae, habitae mense Octobri, A.D. 1859. C.C. Diocese of Detroit. Synod (1st : 1859). 1859 Detroiti : Joannis Slater, Synods, Lefevre, Peter P., Bishop
Reunion of Christendom. A pastoral letter to the clergy, etc. C.C. Archdiocese of Westminster. Archbishop (1865-1875 : Manning) 1866 New York : D. Appleton and Co., Christian Union, Pastoral letters
Pastoral letter. 22 February 1797. C.C. Archdiocese of Baltimore. Archbishop (1789-1808 : Carroll) Carroll, John, Archbishop 1797 Baltimore : J. Hayes, Pastoral letters, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Trinity Church, Parsons 170
Four years' experience of the Catholic religion : with observations.. Capes, John Moore. 1849 Philadelphia : T.K. & P.G. Collins, Conversion - Personal narratives
Statuta dioecesis Eriensis lata in synodo dioecesana celebrata A.D. 1855 et in aliis synodo A.D. 1868. C.C. Diocese of Erie. Synods (1855-1868). 1869 Erie : Ex officinis 'Observatoris,' Pennsylvania. Erie (Diocese), Synods, Mullen, Tobias, Bishop
Jubilaeum anni 1901. Sanctissimi Domini Nostri Leonis ... Papae XIII. bulla Temporis quidem sacri de 25. Dec. 1900. Catholic Church. Pope [1878-1903 : Leo XIII]. 1901 Neo-Eboraci : Benziger Bros, Jubilee (1901), Putzer, Joseph, C.SS.R.
Annual report of the collection for the Theological Seminary of Saint Charles Borromeo of Philadelphia for the year ending November 4, 1865. Theological Seminary of St. Charles Borromeo (Philadelphia). 1866 Philadelphia : M'Laughlin Brothers, Printers, Seminaries, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. Seminary
Synodus dioecesana Wilmingtonensis prima; die IX. Aprilis, A.D. 1879, in Ecclesia S. Petri, Wilmingtonii habita : sub ... Episcop.Thomas A. Becker. C.C. Diocese of Wilmington (1st : 1879). 1879 Wilmington : Glatts & Eckel, Delaware. Wilmington (Diocese), Synods, Becker, Thomas A., Bishop
Oration delivered at the commemoration of the landing of the pilgrims of Maryland, celebrated May 16, 1842,.. McCaffrey, John. 1842 Gettysburg : H.C. Neinstedt, Maryland - History - 17th c., Addresses, Maryland. Emmitsburg, Mt. St. Mary
Catholic Church and Socialism ... with a foreword by Cardinal Gibbons. Ryan, John A. 1918 New York : Mail & Express Co. Socialism, Catholic University of America
Who is the pope? and Who is Pius IX. among the popes? Weninger, Franz Xaver, S.J. 1871 Cincinnati, Ohio : Robert Clare & Co., Pius IX, Pope, Papacy
Pastoral letter of Right Rev. P.N. Lynch, D.D., Bishop of Charleston, S.C. 1878. C.C. Diocese of Charleston. Bishop (1858-1882 : Lynch) 1878 Charleston : News & Courier Book & Job Presses, Pastoral letters, Pius IX, Pope, Lent
Concilium Baltimorense Provinciale IX, habitum anno 1858. C.C. Province of Baltimore. Provincial Council (9th : 1858). Baltimore : John Murphy & Co., Councils, Provincial
Present state of religious controversy in America: an address delivered ... Cummings, J.W. 1864 New York : P. O'Shea, Convert making, Speeches, addresses, etc., Religion in America
Pastoral letter of the Most Reverend, the Archbishop of Baltimore, and the Rt. Rev. the Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church.. C.C. Province of Baltimore. Provincial Council (5th : 1843). 1843 Baltimore : John Murphy, Councils, Provincial 5th, Pastoral letters
Court of appeals. Supreme Court - County of Monroe. John Timon, agt. Mary Claffy, Daniel Claffy ... Case, exceptions, etc. New York State Court of Appeals. 1863 N.p. Timon, John, Bishop, Claffy, Mary, Court cases
Review of Rev. Stuart Robinson's lecture on the 'True Protestant doctrine on the right of private judgment.'.. 1858 N.p. : Robinson, Stuart, Private judgment, Anti-Catholicism
Pastoral letter. 31 December 1818 C.C. Archdiocese of Baltimore. Archbishop (1817-1828 : Maréchal) Maréchal, Ambrose, Archbishop 1818 Baltimore : Pastoral letters, Parsons 589
Full report of the trial of the Rev. Robert J. Breckinridge, on an indictment ... Breckinridge, Robert J., Defendant. 1840 Baltimore : John Reilly, Court cases, Maguire, James L.
Statuta dioecesis Pittsburgensis lata in synodo dioecesana habita A.D. 1844 et in aliis synodis A.D. 1846 et A.D. 1854. Emendata. C.C. Diocese of Pittsburgh. Bishop (1843-1872 : O'Connor). 1854 Pittsburgi : George Quigley; Baltimore : John Murphy, C.C. Diocese of Pittsburgh. Synod (3d : 1854), Synods, O’Connor, Michael, Bishop
Jubilee pastoral of Right Rev. A. Verot, Bishop of Savannah and Administrator Apostolic of Florida, for 1865. C.C. Diocese of Savannah. Bishop (1861-1870 Verot). Verot, Augustin, Bishop 1865 N.p.. : Jubilee (1865), Pastoral letters, Syllabus of errors
Apology for the conversion of Stephen Cleveland Blythe, to the faith of the Catholic Church Blythe, Stephen Cleveland. 1815 New-York : Joseph Desnoues, Conversion - Personal narratives, Parsons 489
Synodus tertia dioecesana Ludovicopolitana, habita die 27 Augusti, 1762, in Ecclesia Sancti Joseph Bardensi [Acta and constitutiones]. C.C. Diocese of Louisville. Synod (3d : 1862). N.p. : Kentucky. Louisville (Diocese), Synods, Spalding, John, Bishop
Oration delivered at the second commemoration of the pilgrims of Maryland, at Philadelphia... Read, William George. 1843 Philadelphia : M. Fithian, Maryland - History - 17th c., Addresses
Catholic Church and the marriage tie. Gibbons, James, Cardinal 1899 Buffalo : Catholic Truth Society, Divorce, Marriage
Consecration of St. Patrick's Church, Philadelphia, November 19th, 1871. 1871 Philadelphia : Catholic Standard Job Print., Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. St. Patrick, Parish histories
Pastoral letter of the Administrator of Detroit. C.C. Diocese of Detroit. Administrator (1841-1869 : Lefevre). 1841 Philadelphia : M. Fithian, Rese, Frederick, Bishop, Pastoral letters
Concilium Baltimorense Provinciale VIII, habitum anno 1855. C.C. Province of Baltimore. Provincial Council (8th : 1855). 1857 Baltimore : John Murphy & Co., Councils, Provincial
Proceedings of the public demonstration of sympathy with Pope Pius IX., and with Italy, in the city of New York, on Monday,.. Committee of Arrangements (New York City, 1847). 1847 New York : William Van Norden, Italian People for National Independence and Constitutional Freedom, Pius IX, Pope
Pastoral letter of the Most. Rev. Archbishop and suffragan prelates of the province C.C Province of New York. Provincial Council (3d : 1860) 1860 New York : John Mullaly - Office of the Metropolitan Record, Provincial councils, Pastoral letters, Hughes, John
De absolutione parentibus, qui prolem scholis publicis seu promiscuis instituendam tradunt, neganda necne, specimen,.. Konings, Anthony, C.SS.R. 1874 Boston : Patricii Donahoe, Absolution, Parents (Canon law), School question