Title Author Date Place of Publication Publisher Series Subjects
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Who can forgive sins, or the absolving power of the Catholic priesthood. Danehy, Patrick.J. San Francisco : Catholic Truth Society (San Francisco) Forgiveness of sins, Confession
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Meeting of Irishmen in New York. [From the American Truth Teller.] To the people of Ireland. 1825 New York : Truth Teller, Ireland, Irish Catholics, Societies
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Encyclopedia of liberal knowledge. N.p. : Catholic Encyclopedia
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Souvenir, St. John's Church, Bellefonte, Pa. 1897. 1897 N.p. : Pennsylvania. Bellefonte. St. John, Parish histories
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New, easy and concise method of finding the latitude by double altitudes of the sun. Dedicated to the Boston Marine Society. Brosius, F.X. 1815 Cambridge (Mass.) : Hilliard & Metcalf, Latitude (Measurement), Parsons 492
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Patriotism, a Christian virtue. A sermon.. Fransioli, Joseph. 1863 New York : Loyal Publication Society, No.24 Patriotism, Sermons
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