Title Author Date Place of Publication Publisher Series Subjects
Iron hand in Mexico. McCullagh, Francis. 1927

New York :

Calvert Publishing Corp.,

Commonweal pamphlets, 5 Mexico
Newman Hall, Catholic chapel and library at the University of California, for the scholastic year 1915-1916. 1915

Berkeley :

Newman Hall (Berkeley)
Blessed Charles Louanga, Mathias Mouroumba and their companions : martyrs. Olds, Alonzo J., trans. 1920

Washington, D.C. :

Hamilton Printing Co.,

Martyrs - Uganda, White Fathers, Missionaries
Quadrennial report, 1916-1919. Catholic Women's League of the Diocese of Pittsburgh. 1920

Pittsburgh :

Catholic Women's League, Societies, Pittsburgh (Diocese)
Catholic talks and walks in fields historical, with an introduction by his eminence John Cardinal Farley. Rooney, James A. 1915

New York :

Catholic Church in the U.S.
Guide to the history, art and architecture of the Church of St. Lawrence, Asheville, North Carolina. Courtney, J. Hallen, comp. 1930

N.p. :

North Carolina. Ashville. St. Lawrence, Parish histories, Guastavino, Rafael, architect.
Saint Francis Xavier, Apostle of India and Japan. Reville, John C., S.J. 1919

New York :

America Press,

Francis Xavier, Saint
Do we need a saviour? Hagerty, Cornelius, C.S.C. 1930

N.d. :

Jesus Christ, Christmas
Supreme Court of the United States. No. 267 - October term, 1913. The Order of St. Benedict of New Jersey, plaintiff in error and petitioner. Order of St. Benedict of New Jersey, petitioner. 1913

N.P. :

Wirth, Augustin, O.S.B., Legal decisions
Forty Hours devotion. Letter of the Bishop of Burlington concerning said devotion. C.C. Diocese of Burlington. Bishop (1853-1899 : De Goesbriand). De Goesbriand, Louis, Bishop 1883

N.p.. :

Forty Hours Devotion, Pastoral letters
Woman and the higher education. Spalding, John Lancaster, Archbishop. 1899

Washington, D.C. :

Higher education for women, Trinity College, Speeches, addresses, etc.
Is there salvation outside the Church? Vaughan, John.

Brooklyn :

International Catholic Truth Society,

Salvation outside the Church
On the condition of labor. Encyclical letter ... Official translation. Catholic Church. Pope [1878-1903 : Leo XIII]. 1891

New York :

Benziger Bros,

Labor, Encyclicals
Blessed Negro martyrs of Uganda. Walsh, Charles J., S.J. 1922

Techny :

Mission Press,

Martyrs - Uganda., Uganda
Question of Anglican ordinations. Gasquet, Francis Aidan, O.S.B. 1907

Notre Dame :

Ave Maria

Anglican orders
Catholic University of Peking.

Beatty (Pa.) :

Archabbey Press,

Catholic University of Peking.
In memoriam. Rev. Edwin I. Dolan, I.P.P., late beloved pastor, St. Joseph's Church., Lynn, Massachusetts. 1922

Lynn (Mass.) :

Dolan, Edwin I,, Massachusetts. Lynn. St. Joseph, Parish histories
Saint Joseph, patron of the universal church : a panegyric ... to which is prefixed an historical sketch of devotion to St. Joseph. Keller, Joseph E., S.J. 1871

Baltimore :

John Murphy & Co.,

Joseph, Saint., Sermons
Doctrinal program for the year of Our Lord 1920. 1919

Wheeling :

Catholic Book Company,

Religious education, Parish booklets
Testimony of history for the Roman Catholic Church. Catholic Club of the City of New York. Library Committee. 1924

New York :

Catholic Church
Founding of San Francisco, presidio and mission : sesquicentennial address. Davis, John F. 1926

San Francisco :

Pernau-Walsh Printing Co.,

San Francisco
World's greatest religious festival. Young, Francis C. 1919

Chicago :

Daprato Statuary Co.,

International Eucharistic Congress (Chicago : 1926).
Writings of Francis Patrick Kenrick, Archbishop of Baltimore (1797-1863). Moran, Michael.

N.p. :

Kenrick, Francis P., Archbishop., Catholic University of America
Jubilee souvenir. Marianists. 1921

N.p. :

Hiss, Joseph, S.M.
Our Catholic Indian missions, a paper read before the Catholic Missionary Congress, Chicago, November 16, 1908. Ketcham, William H. 1908

Washington, D.C. :

Byron S. Adams,

Missions, Native American, Catholic Missionary Congress (1908)
Blessed Peter Canisius, born May 8, 1521. Betten, Francis S., S.J. 1921

St. Louis :

Central Bureau of the Central Society,

Catholic historical ... Peter Canisius, Saint
Question of the Holy Places. 1918

N.p. :

Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Franciscans
Chapter of errors in Appletons' Universal cyclopædia and atlas Wynne, John J., S.J.


Appletons' Universal Cyclopedæia, Anti-Catholicism
Memoir of Saint Peter's Diamond Jubilee, commemorating seventy-five years of Dominican service in Saint Peter's parish. McManus, Justin, O.P. 1920


Tennessee. Memphis. St. Peter, Parish histories, Dominicans
Saint Rita of Cascia, Augustinian nun, saint of the impossible, advocate of desperate cases. St. Nicholas of Tolentine, patron of our church, ..

Atlantic City :

St. Nicholas' Church,

Rita, of Cascia, Saint, Nicholas, of Tolentino, Saint, Devotions
Doctrine of the Church on secret societies.. Graham, John J., I.P.P.

Brooklyn :

International Catholic Truth Society,

Secret societies
Third Order of Saint Francis and the Clergy. Proceedings of the special meetings for directors, priests and seminarians,.. 1926

Cincinnati, Ohio :

Franciscans: National Executive Board of the Third Order of St. Francis in the United States,

Franciscans. Third Order
Fourth annual report ... October 1, 1927-September 30, 1928. Home and Foreign Mission Society for the Propagation of the Faith 1928

Baltimore :

Missions, Society for the Propagation of the Faith
Brief history of the churches of the diocese of Saint Augustine, Florida. Part three. 1923

Saint Leo :

Abbey Press,

St. Augustine (Diocese), Parish histories, Clavreul, Henry Peter
Letter of the bishops of Belgium to the bishops of Germany, Bavaria and Austria-Hungary. C.C. in Belgium. Bishops. 1916

New York :

Nation Press,

World War I, Catholic Church in Belgium
Our Father, analyzed according to the doctrine of St. Thomas Aquinas. Hagen,, J.G., S.J. 1903

New York :

Benziger Bros,

Lord's Prayer, Thomas Aquinas, Saint
Blessed Peter Canisius. (no title page)

N.p. :

Canisius, Peter, S.J., Saint
Radio talks broadcast from the choir loft of St. Mary's Cathedral, Wichita, Kansas. 1931

Wichita :

Knights of Columbus Catholic Action Committee of Council 691 Wichita,

Apologetics, Radio talks
Chapter of Trappist history in Kentucky. Allison, Young E. 1926

Louisville :

Privately printed,

Trappists - Kentucky, Kentucky, Speeches, addresses, etc.
Memorial, 1837-1912. Seventy-fifth anniversary of the consecration of St. John's Catholic Church, Frederick, Maryland, April twenty-first, 1912 1912

Frederick (Md.) :

Examiner Print,

Maryland. Frederick. St. John, Parish histories
Secretary's second annual report. Irish Catholic Colonization Association. 1881

N.p. :

Colonization schemes, Onahan, William J.
Documentary exposition of the rupture of diplomatic relations between the Holy See and the French government. 1904

Brooklyn :

International Catholic Truth Society,

Holy See - Diplomatic relations, France
True method of reciting the Rosary of the Seven Dolors. Church of Our Lady of Sorrow (Chicago). 1885

Chicago :

Sorrows of Our Lady - Devotions, Rosary, Servites
Francis de Vitoria, the founder of international law. McKenna, Charles H., O.P. 1929

Washington, D.C. :

Immaculate Conception College,

Vitoria, Francisco de, O.P., Catholic University of America, International law
Diamond Jubilee, 1852-1927. St. Michael's Church (Baltimore). 1927

Baltimore :

Maryland. Baltimore. St. Michael, Parish histories, Redemptorists
Lordliest of California's missions. Conaty, Thomas J., Bishop. 1905

Los Angeles :

Tidings Publishing Co.,

San Juan Capistrano (Mission), Knights of Columbus, Addresses
Pastoral letter of his Eminence Cardinal Mercier, Archbishop of Malines, Belgium [reprinted from The New York Times] January 22, 1915. C.C. Archdiocese of Malines . Archbishop (1906-1926 : Mercier). Mercier, Cardinal 1915

New York :

Catholic Church in Belgium., Pastoral letters.
Brief history of the Particular Council of Baltimore, Maryland, Society of St. Vincent de Paul Shriver, Mark O. 1931

Baltimore :

Saint Vincent de Paul Society (Baltimore).
Real Presence. Smarius, Cornelius Francis, S.J.

Brooklyn :

International Catholic Truth Society,

Choice and formation of a native clergy in the foreign missions. Ledchowski, Wlodimir, S.J. 1919

New York :

P.J. Kenedy & Sons,

Native clergy, Missions, Jesuit