Title Author Date Place of Publication Publisher Series Subjects
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Lordliest of California's missions. Conaty, Thomas J., Bishop. 1905 Los Angeles : Tidings Publishing Co., San Juan Capistrano (Mission), Knights of Columbus, Addresses
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Brief history of the Particular Council of Baltimore, Maryland, Society of St. Vincent de Paul Shriver, Mark O. 1931 Baltimore : Saint Vincent de Paul Society (Baltimore).
Real Presence. Smarius, Cornelius Francis, S.J. Brooklyn : International Catholic Truth Society, Transubstantiation
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True view of the present persecution in France : an appeal to the unbiased judgment of the American people. Lecture. Sasia, Joseph C., S.J. 1907 San Francisco : Mysell-Rollins Co., Catholic Church in France
Future of the Russian Church. Tondini, Caesarius, C.R.S.P. 1876 New York : Catholic Publication Society, Catholic Church - Russia
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Manual of religious vacation schools. 1930 Washington, D.C. : N.C.W.C., Rural Life Bureau, Religious education, O'Hara, Edwin V. Bishop
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Brief of Our Holy Father Pope Pius X by which the Society for the Propagation of the Faith is encouraged and commended. Catholic Church. Pope [1903-1914 : Pius X]. 1904 New York : Society for the Propagation of the Faith, Francis Xavier, Saint
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True view of the present persecution in France ... 2d ed. Sasia, Joseph C., S.J. 1907 San Francisco : Mysell-Rollins Co., Catholic Church in France, Speeches, addresses, etc.
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Mass on the day of burial. 1929 St. Paul : Leaflet Missal, Requiem Mass
Address of Archbishop Andrew Szeptycki about the Catholic missionary work in what once formed the Russian Empire. Szeptycki, Andrew, Archbishop. 1922 N.p.: Catholic Church - Russia
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Golden sacerdotal Jubilee : Monsignor Jos. A. Cunnane. 1929 Baltimore : Cunnane, Joseph A., Maryland. Baltimore. St. Andrew