Title Author Date Place of Publication Publisher Series Subjects
Quarterly Report Bureau of Catholic Charities 1920 [Los Angeles] Welfare
Church Property Administration. Vol 11:1. Jan-Feb, 1947. 1947 Milwaukee, WI Administrative Publishing Company, Inc. Church Architecture and Maintenance
National Debt that American Protestants owe to their brethren of the Roman Catholic Church Riley, Elihu S. 1914 Annapolis, MD Riley’s Historic Series. No. 1 American Catholic history
Sex in Marriage. Love-giving, Life-giving. O’Boyle, Patrick, Cardinal, Archbishop of Washington 1968 Washington, DC Archdiocese of Washington Sex and marriage, Encyclicals
Devotion to the Boy Saviour for the school and the home. Walsh, W.H., S.J. 1938 New York : Boy Savior Movement, Education, Youth
Summer School of Catholic Action. 1935 [St. Louis, MO] [Catholic Action] Summer School
First Amendment. An interpretation of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States with regard to freedom of religion. Los Angeles Co-Ordinating Council of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Parochial school funding, Religious freedom
Address: The Christian in Today’s World An Instruction: The Catholic Conscience A Pastoral Letter: The Church Has Compassion C.C. Archdiocese of Washington. Archbishop (1948-1973: O’Boyle) O’Boyle, Patrick, Cardinal [Washington, DC] Social justice, Vatican Council (2nd : 1962-1965), Pastoral letters
Two Little Nuns. A Book of Cartoons. O’Malley, Bill 1950 Chicago Extension Nuns, Cartoons
Heraldry. Ecclesiastical and Secular. Ryan, William F. J. Ecclesiastical heraldry., Coats of arms., Seals.
Palms, Ashes, Incense 1940 Wichita, KS Catholic Action Committee Catholic Action Leaflets Sacramentals: Palms, Ashes, Incense
Bee Outwits Scientist O’Brien, John A. 1945 Bronx, NY Catholic Viewpoint Publications Power of God
Irish Vindicator both of Race and Language O’Daly, P. J. 1911 Boston Angel Guardian Press Ireland - History, Irish language
Prayer : baccalaureate sermon preached at Trinity College, Washington, June 7, 1914. Kerby, William J. 1914 N.p. : Prayer, Sermons, Baccalaureate, Catholic University of America
Catholic information racks. Pontiac, MI : Convert Makers of America, Convert making
Medals and Scapulars 1940 Wichita, KS Catholic Action Committee Catholic Action Leaflets Sacramentals: Medals and Scapulars
Racial Justice. A Pastoral Letter. C.C. Archdiocese of Baltimore. Archbishop (1961-1974: Shehan) Shehan, Lawrence J., Archbishop 1963 African Americans., Pastoral letters
Circulaire de Mgr. l’Evêque de Valleyfield au Clerge de son diocese Langlois, Joseph Alfred, Evêque de Valleyfield [Montreal] 1937 Encyclical Divini Redemptoris of Pope Pius XI, Communism
Natural Educational Policy as seen from a Catholic viewpoint Alter, Karl J., Bishop of Toledo 1956
Sign of the Cross 1939 Wichita, KS Catholic Action Committee Catholic Action Leaflets Sacramentals: Sign of the Cross
Difficult Commandment. Notes on self-control especially for young men. Martindale, Cyril Charlie , S.J. 1925 New York P.J. Kenedy & Sons Education, Sexual self-control