Title Author Date Place of Publication Publisher Series Subjects
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Catholic Church not in politics. 1922 Huntington (Ind.) : Our Sunday Visitor , Church and state, Bigotry, Political campaigns
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Conflicting standards : Catholic theology vs. worldly philosophy. Gillis, James M., C.S.P. 1932 Washington, D.C. : National Council of Catholic Men, Catholic Hour - 1932 Tolerance, Bigotry, Radio addresses
Dividing the nation; The bigot's school issue; ... Defamers of the Church. Washington, D.C. : National Catholic Welfare Council. Press and Publicity Department, Bigotry, Anti-Catholicism
Give us a hearing! a straightforward answer by Bishop Schrembs of Toledo to foul calumny and slander, in four lectures. 3d ed. Schrembs, Joseph, Bishop. Toledo : Toledo Catholic Record Publishing Co., Ohio. Toledo (Diocese), Bigotry, Speeches, addresses, etc.
Guardians of liberty and Roman Catholics. Coakley, Thomas F. 1912 Brooklyn : International Catholic Truth Society, Bigotry
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Lenten pastoral of the Bishop of Savannah to the clergy and faithful of the diocese C.C. Diocese of Savannah. Bishop (1900-1922 : Keiley). Keiley, Benjamin Joseph, Bishop 1917 N.p.. : Bigotry, Pastoral letters, Patriotism
One hundred per cent 'patriots' : one hundred per cent menace. Nicholson, J.T. N.p. : Our Sunday Visitor, Bigotry
Our submerged and paramount issues, being the concluding letter in the correspondence upon the cost and danger of religious bigotry in our politics. McGarry, William Rutledge. 1928 Silver Spring (Md.): Maryland Publishing Co., Presidential campaign, 1928., Bigotry
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Record of Anti-Catholic agitators. N.p. : Anti-Catholicism, Bigotry