World War II

Title Author Date Place of Publication Publisher Series Subjects
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Peace programs, World War II
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World War II, Catholic Church United States.
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Headline Books Nationalist Socialism, World War II, Germany - Nazi
' Cash and carry.' Coughlin, Charles E. 1939

Royal Oak :

World War II, Neutrality Bill
Statements on the war and Hitler. Ryan, John A. 1942

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World War II, Communism, National Socialism
Crisis of christianity : a statement of the bishops of the United States November 14, 1941 C.C. U.S. {Hierarchy } 1941

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Catholic Committee of the South,

Communism, World War II
' Thou art then a king?' O'Brien, Isidore, O.F.M. 1942

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War, World War II
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Victory and peace.. C.C.: U.S. (Hierarchy). 1942

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World War II, Pius XII, Pope, Peace
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Queen's Work,

World War II
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World War II, Americanism
' You wouldn't deny me that!' Donovan, Victor J., C.P. 1944

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McGowan, George A., World War II
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Published by the author,

History - 1945-, World War II
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Apostolate of the Press,

World War II, Catholics in the armed forces
If cash-and-carry, then war within a year. Coughlin, Charles E. 1939

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World War II, Neutrality
Leathernecks of God. De Persio, Edward A., comp.

St. Columbans (NB) :

Columban Fathers,

Missionaries, World War II, Columban Fathers
Marshall plan : America's interest in European recovery. Hartnett, Robert C., S.J.

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Marshall Plan, World War II
Monte Cassino : a light extinguished. Cartwright, John K.

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Paris conference of foreign ministers. Secretary of State. 1946

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Conference Series 87 World War II