Pius IX, Pope

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Syllabus for the people. Review of the propositions condemned by His Holiness Pope Monk of St. Augustine's, Ramsgate. 1875

New York :

Catholic Publication Society,

Syllabus of errors, Pius IX, Pope, Catalogs, Publishers'
Unity Documents of the First Vatican Council 1962

Garrison, NY

Chair of Unity Apostolate

Unity Studies No. 34 Christian Union, Pius IX, Pope
Alleged 'Mortara': kidnapping case in Bologna, Italy. Fair play. 1858

New York :

Mortara affair, Pius IX, Pope
Who is the pope? and Who is Pius IX. among the popes? Weninger, Franz Xaver, S.J. 1871

Cincinnati, Ohio :

Robert Clare & Co.,

Pius IX, Pope, Papacy
Concilium Neo-Eboracense primum. Habitum anno MDCCCLIV. C.C. Province of New York. Provincial Council (1st : 1855). 1855

Neo- Eboraci :

Edward Dunigan & Bros.,

Councils, Provincial, Hughes, John, Archbishop, Pius IX, Pope
Decrees of Vatican Council on Faith and the Church 1958

Garrison, NY

Chair of Unity Apostolate

Unity Studies No. 24 Christian Union, Pius IX, Pope
Grand demonstration in Baltimore and Washington, D.C., in honor of the twenty-fifth anniversary...Pius IX 1871

Baltimore :

John Murphy & Co. ; New York : Catholic Publications Society,

Pius IX, Pope
Mandement de Mgr. l'Archevêque de la Nouvelle Orléans pour le Carême de l'année 1867. C.C. Archdiocese of New Orleans. Archbishop (1861-1870 : Odin). Odin, Jean Marie, Archbishop 1867

New Orleans :

Pastoral letters 4:25 Lent, Pastoral letters, Pius IX, Pope
Pastoral letter of Right Rev. P.N. Lynch, D.D., Bishop of Charleston, S.C. 1878. C.C. Diocese of Charleston. Bishop (1858-1882 : Lynch) 1878

Charleston :

News & Courier Book & Job Presses,

Pastoral letters, Pius IX, Pope, Lent
Pastoral letter of the Archbishop of Baltimore and the prelates of the Ecclesiastical Province of Baltimore, July 5, 1960. C.C. Province of Baltimore. Provincial Council ( :1960) 1860

Baltimore :

John Murphy & Co.,

Papal collection, Pastoral letters, Pius IX, Pope
Pastoral letter of the Right Rev. I. Persico, D.D., Bishop of Savannah, Georgia to the clergy and laity of the diocese. C.C. Diocese of Savannah. Bishop (1870-1873 : Persico). 1870

N.p.. :

Pius IX, Pope, Pastoral letters, Persico, I, Bishop
Pastoral letter of the Rt. Rev. James Frederic Wood, D.D. Bishop of Philadelphia : to the clergy & laity of the diocese,.. C.C. Diocese of Philadelphia. Bishop (1860-1875 : Wood). Wood, James Frederic, 1867

Philadelphia :

McLaughlin Brothers, printers,

Pastoral letters 2:21 Pius IX, Pope, Pastoral letters
Pius IX. and France, in 1849 and 1859 ... trans. from the second French edition by Madelaine V. Goddard. Montalembert, Charles Forbes Rene, Comte de. 1861

Boston :

Patrick Donahoe,

Pius IX, Pope, France, Church and state
Proceedings of the public demonstration of sympathy with Pope Pius IX., and with Italy, in the city of New York, on Monday,.. Committee of Arrangements (New York City, 1847). 1847

New York :

William Van Norden,

Italian People for National Independence and Constitutional Freedom, Pius IX, Pope
Protest of the Catholics of Charleston, S.C. against the invasion of Rome by the Italian government, 1870. 1871

Charleston (S.C.) :

New Job Presses,

Holy See, Italy, Pius IX, Pope
Providential mission of Pius IX. A discourse delivered at the Requiem Mass Keane, John J., Archbishop. 1878

Baltimore :

John Murphy,

Pius IX, Pope, Eulogies
Syllabus complectens praecipuos nostrae aetatis errores qui notantur in allocutionibus consistoralibus in encyclicis aliisque apostolicis litteris.. Catholic Church. Pope [1846-1878 : Pius IX] 1865

Baltimori :

Fratres Kreuzer,

Syllabus of errors, Pius IX, Pope