Newman Clubs

Title Author Date Place of Publication Publisher Series Subjects
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Paterson :

St. Anthony's Guild,

Ethics, Christian, Moral theology, Newman Clubs
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Berkeley :

Newman Club of the University of California,

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New York :

Newman Clubs, Societies
Hero of Christian charity in our age of philanthropy. The Venerable Joseph Benedict Cottolengo.. Sasia, Joseph C., S.J.

N.p. :

Cottolengo, Joseph B., Newman Clubs, Speeches, addresses, etc.
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Berkeley :

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If the Catholic Church should prevail. McNicholas, John T., O.P., Archbishop. 1935

Cincinnati, Ohio :

Newman Club of the University of Cincinnati,

Anti-Catholicism, Newman Clubs
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Washington, D.C. :

NCWC. Youth Department,

Youth Series, no. 7 Newman Clubs, Catholic youth organizations
Newman Club on the American campus. 1954

N.p. :

Newman Club Chaplains' Association,

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Newman Hall, Catholic chapel and library at the University of California. Newman Hall (Berkeley). 1915

Berkeley :

Newman Clubs
Our pastoral responsibility for Catholic students attending secular colleges. 1937

Paterson :

St. Anthony's Guild,

Non-Catholic Colleges, Newman Clubs
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Los Angeles :

Tidings Company,

Apologetics, Speeches, addresses, etc., Newman Clubs
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N.p. :

Chaplains - Universities, Newman Clubs
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Woodstock (Md.) :

Woodstock College ,

Church work with students, Newman Clubs, O'Brien, John A.