Title Author Date Place of Publication Publisher Series Subjects
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Patriotic duty facing the Americas. Call, Arthur Deerin. 1916 Washington, D.C. : American Peace Society, Peace, Patriotism
Patriotism A Duty Russell, William T. 1917 Patriotism
Patriotism, a Christian virtue. A sermon.. Fransioli, Joseph. 1863 New York : Loyal Publication Society, No.24 Patriotism, Sermons
Patriotism, nationalism and the brotherhood of man. A report ... Carlton J.H. Hayes, Chairman. Catholic Association for International Peace. Committee on National Attitudes. 1937 Washington, D.C. Catholic Association for International Peace; New York ; The Paulist Press, Pamphlet 25 Attitudes, Patriotism
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True greatness of our country. A discourse before the Young Catholic Friends' Society at Baltimore, December 22, 1848. Seward, William H. 1848 Washington, D.C. J. & G.S. Gideon, Printers, Patriotism, Speeches, addresses, etc., U.S. - Government
We the people. Mussio, John King, Bishop. 1949 Notre Dame : Ave Maria Press, Patriotism
Wer kann das Amerikanertum lehren? Denver : American Publishing Society, Patriotism, Oregon School case
Catholic patriotism in the United States. An echo of the Catholic patriotic demonstration at Washington, D.C. on Memorial Day, 1917.. Glynn, Martin H. 1917 New York : Encyclopedia Press, Catholic Patriotic Demonstration, May, 1917, Speeches, Patriotism
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