Who Programmed the World’s First Modern Computer?

Have you ever thought about who programmed the first modern computer? Kathy Kleiman would like to introduce us to the six women who programmed the ENIAC, the first modern computer, at the end of World War II, in her book, Proving Ground: The Untold Story of the Six Women Who Programmed the World’s First Modern Computer. Check out our other scientific works in our Popular Reading collection. Titles range from commentary, fiction, historical fiction, mystery, suspense, non-fiction, current affairs, science, social issues, and politics. Happy Autumn!

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Title Author Status
Proving Ground: The Untold Story of the Six Women Who Programmed the World’s First Modern Computer Kleiman, Kathy
The It Girl Ware, Ruth
Our Unfinished March: The Violent Past and Imperiled Future of the Vote-a History, a Crisis, a Plan Holder, Eric & Koppelman, Sam
Star Wars: Shadow of the Sith Christopher, Adam
How to Raise an Antiracist Kendi, Ibram X.
Miss Aldridge Regrets Hare, Louise
Other Names for Love Soomro, Taymour
Upgrade Crouch, Blake
The Sewing Girl’s Tale: A Story of Crime and Consequences in Revolutionary America Sweet, John Wood
Gangland Hogan, Chuck
The Awoken Howes, Katelyn Monroe
Do No Harm Pobi, Robert
I’m Glad My Mom Died McCurdy, Jennette
Path Lit by Lightning: The Life of Jim Thorpe Maraniss, David
Stay Awake Goldin, Megan
Diana, William & Harry Patterson, James & Mooney, Chris
Elizabeth Finch Barnes, Julian
Mindreader: Find Out What People Really Think, What They Really Want, and Who They Really Are Lieberman, David J.
Raising Lazarus: Hope, Justice, and the Future of America’s Overdose Crisis Macy, Beth

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