Digital Scholarship @ CUA: Summer Reading

Summer Reading – be it virtual or digital!

Rev. Brian J. Shanley OP spoke with CUA faculty last week. During his talk about “core curriculum” he mentioned titles along the way to inspire and inform.

plato Plato at the Googleplex

by Rebecca Newberger Goldstein

Person reading on beach. Image courtesy of Josué Goge,
excellent-sheep-book-cover-1170x1743 Excellent sheep: the miseducation of the American elite and the way to a meaningful life

by William Deresiewicz

k9112 Not for profit : why democracy needs the humanities

by Martha C. Nussbaum

Try a podcast about reading!

Life, love and “Middlemarch.” Rebecca Mead on why she can’t stop reading George Eliot’s great Victorian novel. Source: Life, Wisdom And ‘Middlemarch’ | On Point with Tom Ashbrook

+-+070485693_140“Often, reading is thought of as escapism: we talk of “getting lost” in a book. But a book can also be where one finds oneself; and as I wrote My Life in Middlemarch I found that the novel spoke to me differently than it had during any of my earlier readings. Going back to Middlemarch gave me the chance to look at where I was in my life, and to ask myself how I had got there—and to think, with a renewed sense of hopefulness, about where I might go next.” Rebecca Mead

Books from CUA authors!

These titles were highlighted at the Book Reception featuring Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies (IPR) fellows discussing their recently published books that was held May 5th, at Busboys and Poets in the Pearl Bailey Room.

Dr. Frank Portugal CUA  charmed his audience on May 4th at Busboys and Poets in the Pearl Bailey Room, this title is available The Least Likely Man : Marshall Nirenberg and the Discovery of the Genetic Code

Think of DNA and the names that come to mind are Crick and Watson. But as Portugal, co-author of the classic A Century of DNA reminds us in this study of the biochemist Marshall Nirenberg (1927-2010), many others were involved in cracking the code of the double helix. Nirenberg, an NIH researcher, made key discoveries about DNA in 1961, and won the Nobel in 1968. Dr. Portugal, a former colleague of Nirenberg’s and now a clinical associate professor of biology at Catholic and director of the University’s M.S. in biotechnology program, draws on interviews and a wide range of archival documents, including Nirenberg’s lab notebooks, to tell the story of this pioneering scientist. [Source]

 OR, Read like Bill Gates this summer! Beach Reading (and More) by Bill Gates





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