New Rotating Monitors in Listening Room

We are happy to announce that the three computers in the Listening Room now have rotating monitors!

Using MagicRotation, the orientation of the screen can be changed from wide view to tall view.  This allows entire pages of musical scores to be viewed at once–ideal for score study while saving paper!  See the photos below.

  • To convert a monitor to tall view, gently rotate the monitor clockwise 90 degrees.  Then, press Control, Shift, and the “9” (nine) key in simultaneity (CTRL + SHIFT + 9). 
  • To convert back to wide view, gently rotate the monitor counterclockwise 90 degrees.  Then press Control, Shift, and the “0” (zero) key in simultaneity (CTRL + SHIFT + 0).

Dark side of Ward brightened…

Prepare yourself for a great joy! The Music Library and the School of Music now have a beautiful new north courtyard. Thanks to funds from the Music Library’s Rose Marie Grentzer endowment and the graduate students in music (GSA), we now have an outdoor study area with beautiful greenery, wireless internet, and places to sit.  See photo by clicking here!

The Full Story:

The idea for beautifying the north courtyard came about in early 2011. Thad Garrett, Assistant to the Music Librarian and then secretary of the Graduate Student Association, had begun discussing with music senators Brian Rice and Chloe Canton how to spend the rebate money that the graduate students in music would be receiving. They decided that they would like to pursue purchasing tables, chairs, and benches for the north courtyard to provide additional study and lounge space for students in Ward Hall.

Thad approached Dean Wagstaff’s office and was sent to Denise Puricelli, who is chair of the School of Music Beautification Committee. At this point Maurice Saylor, Music Librarian, was asked to help in the planning of this area. Maurice had always admired how Chris Vetick, Director of Grounds Maintenance, has transformed the look of the campus. Chris was brought into the discussion to design a functional and welcoming space.

At this point it was determined that funds beyond those coming from GSA would be needed. Maurice suggested using funds from the Music Library’s Rose Marie Grentzer Endowment since the space provides an outdoor reading area for the Music Library. The wireless signal was tested outside in all areas of the courtyard and was found to be strong enough to stream both audio and video. The idea was taken to Steve Connaghan, University Librarian, who approved the use of the Grentzer fund.

Denise organized meetings with the appropriate parties to discuss the plan. From there, Dominic Traino and Rick Ricker discussed what repairs were needed to the exterior of the building and to the existing drainage system in the space. Marc DeOcampo created plans which, after a few drafts, were approved by Dean Wagstaff. Cristina Verderese Canning, Assistant to Dean, helped organize the sources of funding, and the work began. Phase I of the project was completed on May 3, 2012, and included all-new landscaping: two benches along the walkway, five redbuds, three cypress trees, a large river birch, and many shrubs and ornamentals. Plants were chosen to help control the drainage issues.  A weeping blue atlas cedar was planted with periwinkle in the circular planter by the entrance to the Music Library.  Phase II is to include electrical outlets, tables, and additional seating, and is dependent upon funding from the School of Music.

Opera in Video

The Music Library now subscribes to Opera in Video. Stream video from your computer or mobile device.

The resource, at 174 videos and growing, includes works important to the operatic canon.

To access, go to the Music Library homepage and click on the Video link under Online Resources.

Naxos Music Library App for iPhone and iPod Touch

We’re pleased to alert you to the Naxos Music Library App for iPhone and iPod Touch. With access to more than 40,570 CDs and more than 581,000 tracks in genres as diverse as classical, jazz, blues, spoken word, and more, this free app adds a massive library of listening to your mobile device.

In order to use the app, first create a personal account through the university’s online access to Naxos Music Library. Then, download the app and access streaming music on your iPhone or iPod. Detailed instructions follow.

Part One: Make a personal login online

  • Visit the online version of Naxos Music Library
  • If prompted, log in.
  • Click the Playlists tab, then Sign Up to set up your personal playlist account. Setup a username and password.
  • Activate your personal account via your confirmation email.
  • If you like, set up personal playlists, which will be available in the App once you login.

Part Two: Download the app and login on your device

  • Download the (free) Naxos Music Library App from the iTunes App Store.
  • Remember when you signed up to make your personal account? Sign in with that email & password.
  • Select Catalogue to search for music.
  • Listen and enjoy!

Want a more personalized experience? Return to the online Naxos Music Library anytime to setup personal playlists.

A big thank you to Naxos Music Library, the Brentwood Library Buzz, and the Freed-Hardeman University Library for documenting how to set up your account and playlists!

We now have customized Survival Guides!

We now have customized Survival Guides!

Navigating your way through the informational Amazon has never been easier!

Two Monkeys with Books, Viola, and Tambourine libguide small

Explore the Music Survival Guide in your area of interest to find:


  • Most important and often-used books in your field
  • New and lesser-known books you may not find on your own

Helpful Tips

  • Specialized searching and browsing to save you time
  • Special collections and locations

Plus way more than we can possibly mention on this click-through page.

All specifically tailored to your area of study!

We will continue to add areas of study and update the guides – so visit every few minutes!

Click here the visit the guides for music

Patrons can now create Playlists in Naxos!

Patrons can now create Playlists in Naxos.

Go here and create an account:

You will be sent a message to verify your account.

Once that is done, visit Naxos and click on the Playlists tab just under the search box. It will ask you to log in.

Now you can create and keep your playlists.

Here are instructions for creating and using your playlists: