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Tips on Searching

You may fill in as many of the fields as you wish. Records will be retrieved which contain all of your search criteria.

Subject search:

The entries in the Subject(s) field are not the Library of Congress Subject Headings, but are categories more appropriate for this material and its users. e.g. "chastity" or "pastoral letters" or "St. Jude". If you want to enter more than one subjects, enter semicolon(,) between them. While you entering a search term in subject field, a drop down list will show up. The drop down list contains all subject terms that start with the word you just entered. Choose the one which is appropriate. If you did not choose the term that appears on the drop down list, search result will be empty.

Date Search:

To limit your search to a specific year, enter the same year in both "From" and "TO" field.


You can sort the results by Title or Date by click on the header of the table.

Collection Browsing

Click on the link "Browse by Authors" or "Browse by Subjects". You will see the list of every author or subjects. Click on the author or subject, a list of all collection that is tag with the author or subject will be displayed.

Retrieving Pamphlets or Parish Histories

Unless specified, all searches will retrieve both pamphlet and parish history records. To limit your search to parish histories enter "parish" as a subject in addition to any other search terms. To retrieve parish history records by location, enter the state, and/or the city, and/or the name of the parish in the subject field.

Sample searches for pamphlets
Searching for an author: Redemptorist father [in author field]
  Daniel Lord [in author field]
Searching for a publisher: Our Sunday Visitor [in publisher field]
Searching for a subject: missions [in subject field]
Searching for more than one subject: encyclical peace [in subject field]


Sample searches for parish histories
Searching within a state: Maryland parish [in subject field]
Searching within a city: Baltimore parish [in subject field]
Searching for a parish: St Malachy parish [in subject field]
Searching for a particular parish: Maryland Baltimore St. Joseph parish [in subject field]
Searching for a title: Jude [in title field]; parish [in subject field]