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Heart of the tabernacle. Donnelly, Francis P., S.J. 1947

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Devotions - Blessed Sacrament
Pope of the Virgin Mary. Merton, Thomas, O.C.S.O.

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Your liturgical year (Greek-Catholic) : a short account of the feasts and fasts in the Greek-Catholic Church. Shereghy, Basil. 1949

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Liturgy, Byzantine rite
Nineteen Roman Catholic Rites...of which Latin is but one. Thomay, Francis.

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Chaldean Rite, Rites - Catholic
Chief evils of the times. Nagelschmitt, H. 1917

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Joseph F. Wagner,

Evil, Modernity
Thy kingdom come! Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 1944

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Prayers, Devotions - Sacred Heart
Are Catholics psychiatrist-minded? Fearon, Arthur D. 1953

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Psychiatry, Mental health
Looking forward. McCabe, W.H., S.J. 1947

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Vol.XIII:3 Addresses
Scriptural Rosary. 1961

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Rosary, Scriptures
Holy Hour for the use of the congregation. Weller, Philip Thomas. 1955

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Devotions - Holy Hour
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Priest's Saturday Series 4 Society of the Divine Savior, Vocations to the priesthood, Children
Novena in honor of the only canonized saints of North America. Wynne, John J., S.J. 1936

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Martyrs - North America., Martyrs of Midland, Society of Jesus
Confession of a Roman Catholic. Whitcomb, Paul. 1958

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Conversion stories
Truth about communism in China. McNeill, Harry.

New York :

West Meets East Committee,

Communism, China
Beneath the Cross : a sketch of the origin, life and aims of the Passionist Nuns. Poage, Godfrey, C.P. 1948

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Passionist Nuns
Mary His Mother. Herken, Leo M.

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Apologetics, Catholic Church., Mary, Blessed Virgin
Shepherd in chains : persecution of the Ukrainian Catholic Church. 1962

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Persecution, religious, Ukrainian Catholic Church
How to become a Catholic : practical instructions for converts. Searle, George M., C.S.P. 1906

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Conversion., Catholic Church Doctrines.
Readings for the seasons of the Nativity and Epiphany. Quinlan, Patrick T.

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Liturgy, Christmas, Epiphany
Obligation of the employer. Tafel, Paul. 1950

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Industrial relations, Labor
Deo Gratias : A New Year's eve service for parish participation. Hellriegel, Martin B.

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Liturgy, Prayers
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Religious vocations for men, Vocations to the priesthood
Memorial art for Catholic cemeteries. 1933

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Monuments, Art
Boy in a hurry : story of St. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Virgin. Carey, Kenan, C.P.

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Possenti, Francis, Gabriel of the Sorrowful Virgin, Saint
Solemn novena in honor of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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Mary, Blessed Virgin, Novenas, Prayers
Introduction to Church History. Book I. The Apostolic Age. Peters, Walter H. 1941

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Catechetical Guild,

Discussion groups, Church History
Right to work laws and the common good. Toner, Jerome L., O.S.B. 1959

Pittsburgh :

United Steelworkers of America,

Labor, Social justice
Fishers of souls. 1938

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Parish Visitors of Mary Immaculate,

Confraternity of Christian Doctrine
Our Lady of Hope : the story of the apparition at Pontmain. Sullivan, Thomas Smith, O.M.I. 1955

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Oblates of Mary Immaculate,

Mary, Blessed Virgin, Apparitions - Marian
Education and religion. Shuster, George N. 1944

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The Hazen Pamphlets 10 Education
What other have done. Ralenkotter, Howard, C.P. 1945

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Good Counsel Club,

Missionary Union of the Clergy bulletin. 1947

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Missionary Union of the Clergy,

Organizations - clerical, Missionaries
Catholic Action conference of the clergy of the diocese of St. Cloud. 1936

St. Cloud :

Part 1 Catholic action
St. Thomas Aquinas on Aristotle's love and friendship. Conway, Pierre, O.P. 1951

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Tekakwitha, Kateri
Ross Hoffman. Hoffman, Ross. 1936

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S & W Samplers : 5 Hoffman, Ross, Catholic Church.
God's answer to America's great need. Voss, Elwood C.

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Prayer Crusade for Religious Vocations,

Pastoral letter. C.C. Archdiocese of New York. Archbishop (1919-1938 : Hayes). Hayes, Patrick J., Cardinal 1921

New York :

Pastoral letters
Windows on the infinite : the papacy and the liberal arts. 1953

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Papacy, Liberal arts, Education
Munificentissimus Deus : on the Assumption. Catholic Church. Pope [1939-1958 : Pius XII].

Dayton :

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Marian Reprint 68 Mary, Blessed Virgin - Devotional literature, Mary, Blessed Virgin, Assumption of
Catholic ideal of marriage : Pastoral Letter. C.C. Diocese of Nashville. Bishop (1924-1935: Smith). 1930

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Marriage, Pastoral letters
'The lily of the cloister' : Sister Marie-Celine of the Presentation. Shields, J.A. 1928

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St. Anselm's Priory,

Marie-Celine of the Presentation, Sister, Poor Clares, Castang, Jeanne-Germaine
ABC of liturgy. Sherry, Robert J.

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Curtis, Cyrus H.K., Curtis Publishing Company, International business relations
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Paul of the Cross, Saint, Passionists
Heart of the Way of the Cross. Donnelly, Francis P., S.J. 1947

New York :

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Way of the Cross
Pope speaks on the movies. Catholic Church. Pope [1939-1958 : Pius XII]. 1956

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The Pope Speaks,

Letters - Papal, Pius XII, Pope, Motion pictures
Your sacrifice -- and mine. Herken, Leo M.

N.p. :

Apologetics, Catholic Church Doctrines., Eucharist
No smut! Notre Dame Student Committee for decency-in-print. 1939

Notre Dame :

University Press,

Pornography, Literature
Chief rabbi's conversion. Klyber, Arthur B., C.SS.R.

Liguori (Mo.) :

Judaism, Anti-semitism, Conversion stories