Title Author Date Place of Publication Publisher Series Subjects
General constitution of the Catholic Union, together with the constitution and by-laws of the New York Circle of the Catholic Union. Catholic Union, Circle of New York 1871 New York : Ed. H. Coffin, Printer, Societies
Twenty-seventh report of the Christ Child Society (Incorporated), Washington, D.C. for the years 1916-1918. Christ Child Society. 1918 Washington, D.C. Charities - Washington, D.C., Societies
Lecture, delivered December 30th, 1852, in Sansom Hall, Philadelphia. Stonestreet, Charles H., S.J. 1853 Baltimore : John Murphy & Co., Liberal arts, Speeches, addresses, etc.
Archbishop Hughes in reply to General Cass, and in self-vindication. Hughes, John, Archbishop. 1854 New York : Edward Dunigan & Brothers, Cass, Lewis, Anti-Catholicism
Poems of passion...To a poem...A rosebud dream. Griffith, Walter Smith. 1901 N.p. : Poetry
Oration, delivered at the first commemoration of the landing of the pilgrims of Maryland,.. Read, William George. 1842 Baltimore : John Murphy, Georgetown College. Philodemic Society, Addresses, Maryland - History - 17th c.
Catholicism and infidelity. Cincinnati, Ohio : Joseph Berning Printing Co., Christianity, Christian reunion
Christian education in America. A lecture. Keane, John J., Archbishop. 1892 Washington, D.C. : Church News Publishing Co., Education, Speeches, addresses, etc., Catholic University of America
Reply to Mr. Babcock's speech. Veritas. N.p. : Babcock (State senator, N.Y.??), Church property bill
Pastoral letter of the Archbishop of Baltimore to the Roman Catholics of his diocese, on the consecration of the Cathedral. C.C. Archdiocese of Baltimore. Archbishop (1817-1828 : Maréchal) Maréchal, Ambrose, Archbishop 1821 Baltimore : Joseph Robinson, Circulating Library, Pastoral letters, Maryland. Baltimore. Cathedral, Parsons 679
Concilium Cincinnatense Provinciale III. habitum anno 1861. C.C. Province of Cincinnati. Provincial Council (3d : 1861) Cincinnati et New York : Benziger Bros., Ohio. Cincinnati (Province), Councils, Provincial
Status of the Catholic clergy in the United States. Bishop McQuaid- Father O'Flaherty 1868 N.p. : McQuaid, Bernard, Bishop, New York. Rochester. Holy Family, O'Flaherty, Thomas
Pastoral letter of the Right Rev. I. Persico, D.D., Bishop of Savannah, Georgia to the clergy and laity of the diocese. C.C. Diocese of Savannah. Bishop (1870-1873 : Persico). 1870 N.p.. : Vatican Council (1st - 1869-70), Pastoral letters, C.C. Diocese of Savannah. Bishop (1870-1873 : Persico).
Decreta synodi Hartfordiensis primae mense Octobris, anno MDCCCLIV celebratae. C.C. Diocese of Hartford. Synod (1st : 1854) 1855 Providentiae : Benjamin T. Albro, Synods, O'Reilly, Bernard, Bishop
Synodus dioecesana Neo-Aurelianensis tertia, habita mense Januario anno MDCCCLVIII. C.C. Archdiocese of New Orleans. Synod (3d : 1858). 1858 Neo-Aureliae : Propagatoris Catholici, Synods, Blanc, Anthony, Archbishop
Pastoral of the Most Rev. Archbishop of Baltimore, February 8, 1860. C.C. Archdiocese of Baltimore. Archbishop (1851-1863 : Kenrick) Kenrick, Francis Patrick, Archbishop 1860 Baltimore : Kelly, Hedian & Piet, Pastoral letters
Grand demonstration in Baltimore and Washington, D.C., in honor of the twenty-fifth anniversary...Pius IX 1871 Baltimore : John Murphy & Co. ; New York : Catholic Publications Society, Pius IX, Pope
Act of incorporation and by-laws of the Society for the Protection of Destitute Roman Catholic Children in the city of New York. Society for the Protection of Destitute Roman Catholic Children 1863 New York : D. & J. Sadlier & Co., Institutions for children, Societies
Two lectures on the Inquisition, delivered, by request, before the Young Men's Association, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ives, I.M. 1853 Milwaukee : Rufus King & Co., Wisconsin. Milwaukee. Young Men's Association, Inquisition
Lectures and addresses of the Very Rev. Thos. N. Burke, O.P. also the discourses of the Most Rev. Archbishop Bayley ... Manning ... Persico ... O'Brien, James W., ed. 1872 New York : J.W. O'Brien, Temperance societies, O’Brien, James W.
Attempt to explain and vindicate the doctrine and worship of the Roman Catholic Church Andrews, John, of Norfolk, Va. 1818 Norfolk : Shields, Charlton & Co., Conversion - Personal narratives, Apologetics - Popular works, Parsons 573
Political causes and consequences of the Protestant 'Reformation’ ... McGee, Thomas Darcy. 1853 New York : D. & J. Sadlier & Co., Reformation, Speeches, addresses, etc.
Oration, delivered on the fourth July, 1833, in the House of Delegates, at Annapolis. Pise, Charles Constantine. 1833 Annapolis : W. M'Neir Printer, Independence Day, Addresses
Church and foreignism. Gmeiner, John. 1891 St. Paul : Brown, Treacy & Co., German-speaking Catholics, Cahenslyism
Report of the trial of Dr. Wm. H. Stokes and Mary Blenkinsop, physician and sister superior of Mount Hope Institution,.. Stokes, William H., Defendant. 1868 Baltimore : Kelly & Piet, printers and publishers, Mount Hope Institute (Baltimore)., Court cases, Anti-Catholicism
Pastoral letter of the Archbishop of Baltimore, and the bishops and prelates of the Province of Baltimore, assembled in Provincial Council;.. C.C. Province of Baltimore. Provincial Council (8th.: 1855) Kenrick, Francis Patrick, Archbishop 1855 Baltimore : John Murphy & Co., Councils, Provincial 8th, Pastoral letters
Concilium Neo-Aurelianense provinciale secundum, habitum anno 1860. C.C. Province of New Orleans. Provincial Council (2d : 1860). 1864 Neo-Aureliae : Propagatoris Catholici, Councils, Provincial
Statuta dioecesis Burlingtonensis. C.C. Diocese of Burlington (Vt.). Bishop 1878 St. Albans : Advertiser Printing House, Vermont. Burlington (Diocese), Synodal laws - Burlington, De Goesbriand, Louis, Bishop
Pastoral letter of the Rt. Rev. Bishop of Covington, on the Columbian discovery, to be read Sunday, August 21st, 1892. C. C. Diocese of Covington. Bishop (1885-1915 : Maes). Maes, Camillus Paul, Bishop 1892 N.p.. : Columbus, Christopher, Discovery of America, Pastoral letters
Discourse delivered at the commemoration of the landing of the Pilgrims of Maryland, celebrated May 12, 1845,.. Lowe, Enoch Louis. 1845 Gettysburg : H.C. Neinstedt, Maryland - History - 17th c., Addresses, Maryland. Emmitsburg, Mt. St. Mary
Synodus dioecesana Neo-Eboracensis prima, habita anno MDCCCXLII. C.C. Diocese of New York. Synod (1st : 1842). 1842 Neo-Eboraci : Georgii Mitchell, Synods, Du Bois, John, Bishop
Pastoral of the Most Rev. Archbishop of Baltimore, June 28th, 1862. C.C. Archdiocese of Baltimore. Archbishop (1851-1863 : Kenrick) Kenrick, Francis Patrick, Archbishop ) 1862 Baltimore : Kelly, Hedian & Piet, Pastoral letters
Harmony between the spirit and the civil obligations of Catholics : a lecture.. Semmes, Thomas J. 1855 New Orleans : Catholic Institute, printed at the Bulletin Book Establishment, Church and state, Speeches, addresses, etc., Catholic Institute (New Orleans)
Acta synodi dioecesana Philadelphiensis primae, habitae in Ecclesia Cathedrali S. Mariae, Philadelphiae,.. C.C. Diocese of Philadelphia. Synod (1st : 1832). 1832 Philadelphiae : F. Pierson, Synods, Kenrick, Francis P., Archbishop
Vail-Brugess debate, a religio-educational discussion between O.F. Burgess, Vail, Roger. 1890 Minneapolis : Catholic Truth Society, The Catholic Truth Society. American Series of Publications, no.2 School question, Burgess, Otto F., McGolrick, James, Bishop
[ Lectures on the subject of Hell] Reville, Emile D., O.P. 1878 Washington, D.C. : R.O. Polkinhorn, Printer, Hell, Speeches, addresses, etc.
Authentic documents relative to the miraculous cure of Winefrid White, of Wolverhampton, at St. Winefrid's Well,.. Milner, John, Bishop. 1810 Baltimore : Bernard Dornin, White, Winefrid, Miracles, Parsons 372
Pope's war work. What has been done during the war by the Holy Father. 1918 New York : America Press, World War I, Benedict XV, Pope, Civilta Cattolica
Order and chaos; a lecture, delivered at Loyola College, Baltimore, in July, 1869. Marshall, Thomas William M. 1869 Baltimore : John Murphy & Co.; New York : Catholic Publication Society, Religion and science, Speeches, addresses, etc.