Title Author Date Place of Publication Publisher Series Subjects
Common schools in the United States compared with those in Europe, being a review of the work of Joseph Kay, Esq.,.. Spalding, Martin John, Archbishop. 1858

Louisville :

Webb & Levering,

Kay, Joseph. The social condition and education..., Comparative education, Brownson's review.
Protest of the Catholics of Charleston, S.C. against the invasion of Rome by the Italian government, 1870. 1871

Charleston (S.C.) :

New Job Presses,

Holy See, Italy, Pius IX, Pope
Pastoral letter of the Most Rev. Archbishop and Suffragan Prelates of the Province of Baltimore, at the close of the tenth provincial council. C.C. Province of Baltimore. Provincial Council (10th : 1869) Spalding, Martin John, Archbishop 1869

Baltimore :

John Murphy & Co.,

Education, Pastoral letters, Councils, Provincial (10th)
Constitutiones dioecesis Ludovicopolitanae, a Reverendissimo ac Illustrissimo Domino Martino Joanne Spalding, Episcopo.. C.C. Diocese of Louisville. Synod (1st : 1850). 1850

Louisville :

Webb, M'Gill, et Levering,

Synods, Spalding, John, Bishop
Rome and Geneva : a letter to the Rev. MM. Merle D'Aubigné and Bungener, Protestant ministers of Geneva; by a young student of law (M. Fontain.).. Fontaine M., 1871

Baltimore :

John Murphy & Co.; New York : Catholic Publication Society,

Pastoral letter on Christian education, addressed to the clergy and laity of the archdiocese of Baltimore. C.C. Archdiocese of Baltimore. Archbishop (1877-1921 : Gibbons) Gibbons, James, Cardinal 1883

Baltimore :

John B. Piet & Co.

Christian education, Pastoral letters
Eighth annual report of St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys of the city of Baltimore, to the legislature of the state of Maryland.. St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys (Baltimore). 1877


St. Mary's Industrial School

Institutions for boys, Maryland. Baltimore. St. Mary's ...
Statuta synodi Richmondensis primae mense Octobris anno Domini 1856 celebratae. C.C. Diocese of Richmond. Synod (1st : 1856). 1857

Baltimori :

John Murphy & Co.

Virginia. Richmond (Diocese), Synods, McGill, John, Bishop
Important and interesting debate, on the claim of the Catholics to a portion of fund.. New York City Board of Aldermen. 1840

New-York :

New-York Freeman's Journal,

School question, Parochial school funding
Address to the Roman Catholics of the United States of America. By a Catholic clergyman. Carroll, John, Archbishop. 1784

Annapolis :

Frederick Green,

Wharton, Charles Henry, Parsons 46
Thomas Aquinas by Rev. Henry A. Brann, D.D., LL.D. Catholic University at Washington, March 7th, 1904. Brann, Henry A. 1904

N.p. :

Thomas Aquinas, Saint, Speeches, addresses, etc., Catholic University of America
Observations on Bishop Hobart's charge, entitled.. Ironside, George E. 1820

Washington :

Davis & Force,

Apologetics, Hobart, Bishop, Parsons 649
Burial service according to the Roman Ritual. 1797

Baltimore :

John Hayes,

Funeral service., Rituale Romanum, Parsons 169
Short account of the establishment of the new see of Baltimore, in Maryland, ... Plowden, Charles. 1791

London printed ;

Carey, Stewart & Co.,

Carroll, John, Archbishop, Parish histories, Parsons 97
Pastoral letter for the Lent of MDCCCLI. C.C. Diocese of Halifax. Bishop (1844-1852 : Walsh). Walsh, William, Archbishop 1851 Pastoral letters, Lent
Complaint against certain false and seditious attacks made by recalcitrant Ruthenian priests respecting their bishop. 1912

N.p. :

Ruthenians - U.S., Ortynski, Stephan Soter, Bishop, Greek Catholics
Protestantism in Oregon, account of the murder of Dr. Whitman, and the ungrateful calumnies of H.H. Spalding,.. Brouillet, Jean Baptiste Abraham. 1853

New-York :

M.T. Cozans,

Whitman, Marcus, Mormons
Pastoral letter of the Most Rev. Archbishop of Baltimore on the eve of his departure for Rome. C.C. Archdiocese of Baltimore. Archbishop (1864-1872 : Spalding) Spalding, Martin John, Archbishop 1867

Baltimore :

Kelly & Piet,

Catholic Publication Society, Pastoral letters
Constitutiones dioecesis Ludovicopolitanae, quas Martinus Joannes Spalding, Episcopus Ludovicopolitanus.. C.C. Diocese of Louisville. Synod (1st : 1850). 1857

Louisville :

Josephus F. Brennan,

Pastoral letters, Synods, Spalding, John, Bishop
Rules and orders to be observed by the Baltimore Benevolent Society established in order to raise a fund.. Baltimore Benevolent Society. 1796

Baltimore :

Samuel Sower,

Benevolent societies
Pastoral letter on the decrees of the first Provincial Council of Cincinnati; with instructions to pastors and people. C.C. Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Archbishop (1850-1883: Purcell) Purcell, John Baptist, Archbishop. 1858

Cincinnati, Ohio :

John P. Walsh, printer & bookseller,

Provincial councils, Pastoral letters
Encyclical letter of Pope Pius IX., on the Jubilee, with the pastoral letter of the Archbishop of Baltimore. Catholic Church. Pope (1846-1878 : Pius IX) 1854

Baltimore :

Hedian & O'Brien,

Kenrick, Francis, P. Archbishop (1851-1863), Jubilee (1854), Encyclicals - Pius IX
Story of a miracle at Lourdes, August 1907. Storer, Maria Longworth. 1908

New York :

Catholic World ,

Borel, Marie, Lourdes, Miracles
In memoriam of Rt. Rev. John B. Fitzpatrick. 1866

Boston :

Patrick Donahoe,

Fitzpatrick, John B., Bishop
Alleged 'Mortara': kidnapping case in Bologna, Italy. Fair play. 1858

New York :

Mortara affair, Pius IX, Pope
Thoughts on female suffrage, and in vindication of woman's true rights. Dahlgren, Madeleine Vinton. 1871

Washington, D.C. :

Blanchard & Mohun,

Women’s suffrage, Women's rights
Observations on Bishop Hobart's charge, entitled.. Ironside, George E. 1820

Washington :

Davis & Force,

Apologetics, Parsons 649
Catalogue of the officers and students of Seton Hall College, South Orange, New Jersey, 1872. Seton Hall College. 1872

Newark :

J.J. O'Connor & Co.,

New Jersey. South Orange. Seton Hall College, Colleges, Preparatory schools
Two temples. A sermon preached at the dedication of St. Peter's Church, Lowell,... O'Connell, William H., Cardinal. 1903

N.p. :

Massachusetts. Lowell. St. Peter, Sermons, Parish histories
Pastoral letter for the Lent of MDCCCLI. addressed to the clergy and laity ... C.C. Diocese of Halifax. Bishop (1844-1852 : Walsh). 1851

New York :

Edward Dunigan & Brothers,

Lent, Pastoral letters
Concatenation of speeches, memoirs, deeds, and memorable references, ... 1824

Philadelphia :

St. Mary’s schism, Hoganism, Parsons 840
Providential mission of Pius IX. A discourse delivered at the Requiem Mass Keane, John J., Archbishop. 1878

Baltimore :

John Murphy,

Pius IX, Pope, Eulogies
Pastoral letter of the Most Rev. M.J. Spalding ... to the clergy and laity of the Archdioceses, on the papal infallibility,.. C.C. Archdiocese of Baltimore. Archbishop (1864-1872 : Spalding) Spalding, Martin John, Archbishop 1870

Baltimore :

Kelly, Piet & Co.,

Popes - Infallibility, Pastoral letters
Constitutiones latae et promulgatae ab Illmo. ac Revmo. D. Thaddaeo Amat, Congregationis Missionis ... in synodo dioecesana prima.. C.C. Diocese of Monterey-Los Angeles. Synod (1st : 1862) 1862

San Francisco :

Vincentii Torras,

California (Diocese), Synods, Amat, Thaddeus, Bishop
Secunda synodus Dioecesis Ludovicopolitanae; habita ad Ecclesiam Sancti Josephi, in oppido Bardensi : die 1. Septembris, A.D. 1858. C.C. Diocese of Louisville. Synod (2nd : 1858). 1859

N.p. :

Kentucky. Louisville (Diocese), Synods, Spalding, John, Bishop
Pastoral letter, issued by the Rt. Rev. Martin John Spalding, D.D., Bishop of Louisville, to the clergy and laity of the diocese;.. C.C. Diocese of Louisville. Bishop (1848-1864 : Spalding). 1864

Louisville :

Webb & Levering,

Kentucky. Louisville (Diocese), Pastoral letters
Extract from the minutes of the XI General Convention of 'the Greek Catholic Union of the United States of America' held.. Greek Catholic Union of the United States of America. 1910

N.p. :

Hungaro-Russian Greek Catholics, Ortynski, Stephan Soter, Eastern rite
Syllabus complectens praecipuos nostrae aetatis errores qui notantur in allocutionibus consistoralibus in encyclicis aliisque apostolicis litteris.. Catholic Church. Pope [1846-1878 : Pius IX] 1865

Baltimori :

Fratres Kreuzer,

Syllabus of errors, Pius IX, Pope
In the diocese of Denver Colorado. Father Carrigan's answer to Bishop Matz. Carrigan, J.P. 1908

Denver :

Smith-Brooks Press,

Colorado Catholic Loan and Trust Association, Matz, Nicholas C., Bishop