Title Author Date Place of Publication Publisher Series Subjects
Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The substance of a discourse delivered in St. Peter's Church, Barclay Street,.. Forbes, John Murray. 1855 New York : Edward Dunigan & Brothers, Immaculate Conception, Sermons
Address given to open the new lecture hall at the College of Santa Clara. California history, Jesuits
Reception by the clergy and laity of Baltimore, Washington and Georgetown, of His Grace, the Most Rev. Archbishop Spalding, on his return... 1870 Baltimore : John Murphy & Co., Spalding, Martin J., Archbishop, Vatican Council (1st : 1870)
Narrative of two wonderful cures, wrought in the Monastery of the Visitation at Georgetown, in the District of Columbia,.. 1831 Baltimore : James Myers; printed by William A. Francis, Washington, D.C. Visitation Convent, Cures
Bull of His Holiness Leo XII for the indiction of the Universal Jubilee of 1826.. Catholic Church. Pope [1823-1829 : Leo XII]. 1826 Baltimore : Fielding Lucas, Jr., [J. D. Toy, Printer], Catholic Church. Archdiocese of Baltimore. Archbishop (1817-1826 : Maréchal), Jubilee (1826), Parsons 903
Solemn triduum in honor of the Blessed Martyrs Dionysius of the Nativity and Redemptus of the Cross of the Order of Discalced Carmelites... 1901 Baltimore : Carmel, Dionysius of the Nativity, O.C.D, Maryland. Baltimore., Carmelite sisters
Pastoral letter and conciliary discourse of the Most Rev. F.N. Blanchet, D.D., Archbishop of Oregon City;.. C.C. Archdiocese of Oregon City. Archbishop (1846-1880 : Blanchet). Blanchet, Francis Norbert, Archbishop 1871 Portland (Ore.) : Catholic Sentinel Printing Establishment, Vatican Council (1st : 1869-70). Dogmatic constitutions, Pastoral letters, Popes - Infallibility- Pius IX
Civilization; a lecture, delivered in the city of Buffalo, N.Y., February the 14th, 1855. O'Flaherty, Thomas. 1855 Auburn (N.Y.) : Knapp & Peck, Printers, Daily Advertiser Office, Civilization, Speeches, addresses, etc., Catholic Institute (Buffalo)
Synodus dioecesana Buffalensis secunda, habita anno MDCCCXLIX. C.C. Diocese of Buffalo. Synod (2d : 1849). 1850 Buffalo : Brunck & Domedion, Synods, Timon, John, Bishop
Pastoral letter of the Most Rev. Archbishop and suffragan prelates ... C.C. Province of New York. Provincial Council (3d : 1861). 1860 New York : John Mullaly - Office of the Metropolitan Record, Education, Pastoral letters, Provincial councils
Constitutiones dioecesanae in synodis Philadelphiensibus, annis 1832, 1842, 1847, 1853, et 1855. C.C. Diocese of Philadelphia. Synods (1832-1855). 1855 Philadelphiae : J.B. Chandler, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia (Diocese), Synods
True greatness of our country. A discourse before the Young Catholic Friends' Society at Baltimore, December 22, 1848. Seward, William H. 1848 Washington, D.C. J. & G.S. Gideon, Printers, Patriotism, Speeches, addresses, etc., U.S. - Government
Pastoral letter of the seventh Provincial Council of Baltimore, held in May, 1849. C.C. Province of Baltimore. Provincial Council 7th, 1849 1849 Baltimore : John Murphy & Co., Councils, Provincial 7th, Pastoral letters
Education : to whom does it belong? A rejoinder to the Civilta Cattolica. Bouquillon, Thomas J. 1892 Baltimore : John Murphy & Co. School question, Civilita Cattolica
Petition of the Hungaro-Russian and Magyar Greek Catholic people of the United States of America, to His Holiness, Pope Pius X.. 1910 N.p. Hungaro-Russian Greek Catholics, Ortynski, Stephan Soter, Ruthenians
Important and interesting debate, on the claim of the Catholics to a portion of fund.. New York City Board of Aldermen. 1840 New-York : New-York Freeman's Journal, School question, Parochial school funding
Address of the Most Rev'd James Gibbons, D.D., Archbishop of Baltimore, to the graduates of Rock Hill College,.. Gibbons, James, Cardinal. 1879 Baltimore : Kelly, Piet & Company, (John B. Piet), Religion and science, Addresses, Commencement
Reflections and suggestions in regard to what is called the Catholic Press in the United States. Hughes, John, Archbishop. 1856 New York : Edward Dunigan & Brothers [James B. Kirker], Catholic press, Irish in the U.S., Brownson, Orestes
Nos el Dr. D. Pedro Espinosa, par la gracia de Dios y de la Santa Sede Apostolica obispo de Guadalajara. C.C. Diocese of Guadalajara. Bishop (1854-1863 : Espinosa). 1861 [ New Orleans] Faith, Pastoral letters, Confederate imprints
Bulle de Sa Sainteté Léon XII pour l'indiction du Jubilé Universel de 1826. A laquelle sont joints le mandement, les directions,.. Catholic Church. Pope [1823-1829 : Leo XII]. 1826 Baltimore : J. D. Toy, Imprimeur, Catholic Church. Archdiocese of Baltimore. Bishop (1817-1828 : Maréchal), Jubilee (1826), Parsons 905 (diff. pagination)
Spanish Inquisition. A lecture delivered by Rev. James Callan, before the Young Men’s Catholic Association Callen, James. 1858 Newark : S.C. Atkinson, Printer, Inquisition - Spain, Speeches, addresses, etc., Young Men's Catholic Association(Newark)
Pastoral letter for Lent, 1876. C.C. Archdiocese of Baltimore. Archbishop (1872-1877 : Bayley) Bayley, James Roosevelt, Archbishop 1876 Baltimore : Christian life, Pastoral letters, Lent
Common schools in the United States compared with those in Europe, being a review of the work of Joseph Kay, Esq.,.. Spalding, Martin John, Archbishop. 1858 Louisville : Webb & Levering, Kay, Joseph. The social condition and education..., Comparative education, Brownson's review.
Synodus dioecesana Natchetensi prima, habita ab illmo et rmo Gulielmo Henrico Elder, Episcopo Natchetensi... C.C. Diocese of Natchez. Synod (1st : 1858). 1858 Neo-Aureliae : Propagatoris Catholici, Synods, Elder, William Henry, Bishop
Pastoral letter of the Most Rev. Archbishop and Suffragan Prelates of the Province of Baltimore, at the close of the tenth provincial council. C.C. Province of Baltimore. Provincial Council (10th : 1869) Spalding, Martin John, Archbishop 1869 Baltimore : John Murphy & Co., Education, Pastoral letters, Councils, Provincial (10th)
Constitutiones dioecesis Ludovicopolitanae, a Reverendissimo ac Illustrissimo Domino Martino Joanne Spalding, Episcopo.. C.C. Diocese of Louisville. Synod (1st : 1850). 1850 Louisville : Webb, M'Gill, et Levering, Synods, Spalding, John, Bishop
True veneration of the Sacred Heart. Clyde (Mo.) : Benedictine Convent of Perpetual Adoration, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Devotions, Benedictines
Pastoral letter on Christian education, addressed to the clergy and laity of the archdiocese of Baltimore. C.C. Archdiocese of Baltimore. Archbishop (1877-1921 : Gibbons) Gibbons, James, Cardinal 1883 Baltimore : John B. Piet & Co. Christian education, Pastoral letters
Eighth annual report of St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys of the city of Baltimore, to the legislature of the state of Maryland.. St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys (Baltimore). 1877 Baltimore: St. Mary's Industrial School Institutions for boys, Maryland. Baltimore. St. Mary's ...
Pilgrim, Puritan and Papist in Massachusetts. Gargan, Helena Nordhoff. 1902 Boston : Thomas A. Whalen & Co., New England Catholic Historical Society publications, no.4 Religion - New England, Religious liberty
In memoriam of Rt. Rev. John B. Fitzpatrick. 1866 Boston : Patrick Donahoe, Fitzpatrick, John B., Bishop
Address to the Roman Catholics of the United States of America. By a Catholic clergyman. Carroll, John, Archbishop. 1784 Annapolis : Frederick Green, Wharton, Charles Henry, Parsons 46
Reminiscences and impressions of a visit to Rome, during the canonization of the Japanese martyrs, a lecture,.. Duggan, James, Bishop. 1863 Chicago : J.J. Kearney, Canonization - Ceremonies, Speeches, addresses, etc., Martyrs
Observations on Bishop Hobart's charge, entitled.. Ironside, George E. 1820 Washington : Davis & Force, Apologetics, Hobart, Bishop, Parsons 649
Burial service according to the Roman Ritual. 1797 Baltimore : John Hayes, Funeral service., Rituale Romanum, Parsons 169
Speech of Hon. Lewis V. Bogy, of Missouri, in the Senate of the United States, August 15, 1876. Bogy, Lewis V. 1876 Washington, D.C. School question, Speeches, U.S. Constitution
Pastoral letter for the Lent of MDCCCLI. C.C. Diocese of Halifax. Bishop (1844-1852 : Walsh). Walsh, William, Archbishop 1851 Pastoral letters, Lent
Complaint against certain false and seditious attacks made by recalcitrant Ruthenian priests respecting their bishop. 1912 N.p. : Ruthenians - U.S., Ortynski, Stephan Soter, Bishop, Greek Catholics
Synodus dioecesana Natchitoches secunda, habita ab illmo et rmo Augusto Maria Martin, Episcopo Natchitoches, hebdomada prima quadragesimiae.. C.C. Diocese of Natchitoches. Synod (2d : 1869). 1869 Neo-Aureliae : Propagatoris Catholici, Louisiana. Natchitoches (Diocese), Synods, Martin, Augustus M., Bishop
Pastoral letter of the Most Rev. Archbishop of Baltimore on the eve of his departure for Rome. C.C. Archdiocese of Baltimore. Archbishop (1864-1872 : Spalding) Spalding, Martin John, Archbishop 1867 Baltimore : Kelly & Piet, Catholic Publication Society, Pastoral letters
Constitutiones dioecesis Ludovicopolitanae, quas Martinus Joannes Spalding, Episcopus Ludovicopolitanus.. C.C. Diocese of Louisville. Synod (1st : 1850). 1857 Louisville : Josephus F. Brennan, Pastoral letters, Synods, Spalding, John, Bishop
Twenty-fifth annual report of the Mount Hope Institution and Retreat, ... Mount Hope Institution (Baltimore). n 1868 Baltimore : John Murphy & Co., Mental hospitals, Maryland. Baltimore. Mount Hope.
Pastoral letter on the decrees of the first Provincial Council of Cincinnati; with instructions to pastors and people. C.C. Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Archbishop (1850-1883: Purcell) Purcell, John Baptist, Archbishop. 1858 Cincinnati, Ohio : John P. Walsh, printer & bookseller, Provincial councils, Pastoral letters
Encyclical letter of Pope Pius IX., on the Jubilee, with the pastoral letter of the Archbishop of Baltimore. Catholic Church. Pope (1846-1878 : Pius IX) 1854 Baltimore : Hedian & O'Brien, Kenrick, Francis, P. Archbishop (1851-1863), Jubilee (1854), Encyclicals - Pius IX
Poems of passion...To a poem...A rosebud dream. Griffith, Walter Smith. 1901 N.p. : Poetry
In the diocese of Denver Colorado. Father Carrigan's answer to Bishop Matz. Carrigan, J.P. 1908 Denver : Smith-Brooks Press, Colorado Catholic Loan and Trust Association, Matz, Nicholas C., Bishop
Alleged 'Mortara': kidnapping case in Bologna, Italy. Fair play. 1858 New York : Mortara affair, Pius IX, Pope
Reply to An address to the Roman Catholics of the United States of America. By the author of a Letter to the Roman Catholics.. Wharton, Charles Henry. 1785 Philadelphia : Charles Cist, Carroll, John, Archbishop, Parsons 46d
Observations on Bishop Hobart's charge, entitled.. Ironside, George E. 1820 Washington : Davis & Force, Apologetics, Parsons 649
Catalogue of the officers and students of Seton Hall College, South Orange, New Jersey, 1872. Seton Hall College. 1872 Newark : J.J. O'Connor & Co., New Jersey. South Orange. Seton Hall College, Colleges, Preparatory schools