McGill pamphlets vol.4

Title Author Date Place of Publication Publisher Series Subjects
Address to the Reverend Nathan L. Rice; by 'The Eurodelphian Society.' of St. Joseph's College. St. Joseph's College. Eurodelphian Society (Bardstown, Ky.). 1840 Bardstown : B.J. Webb, McGill pamphlets vol.4 Rice, Nathan Louis, 1807-1877, St. Joseph's College. Eurodelphian..
Bernard, by the grace of God and the appointment of the Holy See, Bishop of Hartford, to the clergy and laity of the diocese of Hartford. C.C. Archdiocese of Hartford. Bishop (1850-1856 : O'Reilly) O’Reilly, Bernard, Bishop N.p.. : McGill pamphlets vol.4 Christian life, Pastoral letters, Jubilee indulgence (1850-51)
Brief refutation of three discourses against the Catholic Church, delivered by the Rev. R.C. Grundy, in the town of Springfield, Kentucky.. Catholic layman. 1843 Louisville : B.J. Webb & Bros., McGill pamphlets vol.4 Grundy, R.C., Apologetics
Church and the world. A lecture : delivered at the Chinese Museum, Philadelphia Hughes, John, Archbishop. 1850 New York : Edward Dunigan & Brothers, McGill pamphlets vol.4 Church and state, Speeches, addresses, etc.
Discourse in favor of total abstinence from intoxicating drinks, delivered in St. Patrick's Church, New Orleans. Mullon, J.J. 1842 New Orleans : Purcell & Co., McGill pamphlets vol.4 Total abstinence, Speeches, addresses, etc., Temperance societies
Documents and history of the affairs of St. Louis Church. 1851 N.p. : McGill pamphlets vol.4 St. Louis Church (Buffalo, N.Y.), Trusteeism, Timon, John, Bishop
Fifth annual commencement of St. Mary's College, Marion County, Kentucky, 1840-1. St. Mary's College (St. Mary, Ky.). 1841 Louisville : Morton & Griswold, McGill pamphlets vol.4 St. Mary's College (St. Mary, Ky.)., Colleges
Lecture on the philosophy of history, and some of the popular errors which are founded on it. Wallis, Severn Teackle. 1844 Baltimore : John Murphy, McGill pamphlets vol.4 History - Philosophy, Speeches, addresses, etc., Calvert Institute (Baltimore)
Rejoinder of the 'Catholic layman.' to the 'Reply' of the Rev. R.C. Grundy. Catholic layman. 1844 Louisville : B.J. Webb & Bros., McGill pamphlets vol.4 Grundy, R.C., Apologetics
Review of the charge delivered May 22, 1833, by the Right Rev. Bishop Onderdonk, Hughes, John, Archbishop. 1833 Philadelphia : M. Fithian, McGill pamphlets vol.4 Rule of faith, Onderdonk, Benjamin Treadwell, Bishop