Title Author Date Place of Publication Publisher Series Subjects
You can be a Christopher! Keller, James G. New York : Christophers, Christophers, Apologetics
Lectures on religious subjects, chiefly doctrinal, delivered at St. Mary's, Moorfields. No. 1 Wiseman, Nicholas, Cardinal. 1848 New York : Edward Dunigan & Brothers, Collection of pamphlets Apologetics, Speeches, addresses, etc.
Catholic belief. Keiley, Benjamin J., Bishop. Augusta (GA.) : Catholic Laymen's Association of Georgia, Apologetics, Anti-Catholicism
Observations on Bishop Hobart's charge, entitled.. Ironside, George E. 1820 Washington : Davis & Force, Apologetics, Hobart, Bishop, Parsons 649
Catholics and the Pope. 1924 Augusta (GA.) : Catholic Laymen's Association of Georgia, Apologetics, Anti-Catholicism
Summary proofs of the Catholic doctrine, from the Scriptures. Dedicated to all candid readers of the Bible, by a French clergyman. Badin, Stephen Theodore. 1829 Detroit : Henry L. Ball, Apologetics, Parsons 981
Reasonableness of the practices of the Catholic Church. Burke, John J., C.S.P. 1892 New York : Benziger Bros, Apologetics, Catholic Church - Devotions
Defense of Catholic principles, in a letter to a Protestant minister. Gallitzin, Demetrius A. 1818 Winchester (VA) John Heiskell, Apologetics, Parsons 586
Unwritten word of God. Herken, Leo M. N.p. : Apologetics, Bible.
Series of letters, addressed to the Protestant community, ... Gandolphy, Peter. 1826 New York : Re-printed from the London copy, James Bloomfield, printer, Apologetics, Parsons 899
Guide to the true faith. Cullen, Peter J. 1893 Baltimore : John Murphy & Co., Apologetics
What is a Catholic? Cogley, John. 1954 Notre Dame : Ave Maria Press, Apologetics
Is Cremation Christian? Rumble, Leslie, M.S.C. St Paul : Radio Replies Press, Pamphlets on Protestant Demoninations Apologetics, Freemasons, Protestantism.
Appeal to the Protestant public. Gallitzin, Demetrius A. 1819 Ebensburg Thomas Foley, Apologetics, Parsons 610
You, the Catholic college graduate. Keller, James G. 1946 New York : Christophers, Anti-Catholicism, Apologetics
Let us judge Catholics by the Bible. 1951 St. Louis : Knights of Columbus - Religious Information Bureau, Bible, Catholic Church Doctrines., Apologetics
Catholic Church from without. Carey, James A. 1912 Chicago : Catholic Church Extension Society of America, Apologetics