McGill pamphlets vol.5

Title Author Date Place of Publication Publisher Series Subjects
Temporal power of the pope. A full and authentic report of the brilliant speech ... Chandler, Joseph Ripley, 1792-1880. 1855 Philadelphia : H. & C. M'Grath, McGill pamphlets vol.5 Popes - Temporal power, Speeches
Third annual report of the House of the Angel Guardian, January, 1858. Haskins, George F. 1858 Boston : Patrick Donahoe, McGill pamphlets vol.5 House of the Angel Guardian (Boston), Orphanages
Articles of association. Agreement and articles of association. Catholic Society for the Promotion of Agricultural Settlements in the United States. 1856 [ New York : D. P. Murphy & Son, McGill pamphlets vol.5 Catholic colonization societies, Societies, McGee, Thomas D'Arcy
Catholic Church and naturalism, a lecture. Manahan, Ambrose. 1814?-1867. 1853 New YOrk : Edward Dunigan & Brothers, McGill pamphlets vol.5 Naturalism, Speeches, addresses, etc.
Common schools in the United States compared with those in Europe, being a review of the work of Joseph Kay, Esq. .. Spalding, Martin John, Archbishop. 1858 Louisville : Webb & Levering, McGill pamphlets vol.5 Public Schools - U.S., Kay, Joseph.
Constitution and by-laws of the Clerical Benevolent Association of the diocese of Baltimore, instituted September 29th, 1857. Clerical Benevolent Association in the City of Baltimore. 1858 Baltimore : John Murphy & Co., McGill pamphlets vol.5 Clergy - Salaries, pensions, etc., Societies, Baltimore (Archdiocese)
Faith, hope, and charity. The substance of a sermon preached at the dedication of the Catholic Chapel, at Bradford, in the county of York, England, Baines, Peter A., Bishop, 1787-1843. 1849 Philadelphia : M. Fithian, McGill pamphlets vol.5 Virtues, theological, Sermons
Francis Patrick Kenrick, by the Grace of God, and favor of the Apostolic See, Archbishop of Baltimore, and Apostolic Delegate. To the clergy and.. C.C. Archdiocese of Baltimore. Archbishop (1851-1863: Kenrick) Kenrick, Francis Patrick, Archbishop 1851 Baltimore : John Murphy & Co., printers, McGill pamphlets vol.5 Councils, Plenary, Pastoral letters
Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The substance of a discourse Forbes, John Murray. 1855 New York : Edward Dunigan & Brothers, McGill pamphlets vol.5 Immaculate Conception, Sermons
Religious military orders, a lecture, delivered before the Young Men's Catholic Literary Institute Purcell, John B., Archbishop. 1856 Cincinnati, Ohio : John P. Walsh, McGill pamphlets vol.5 Military religious orders, Speeches, addresses, etc., Young Men's Catholic Literary Institute
Reply of Rev. R.C. Grundy, to a pamphlet by a Catholic Layman, in answer to ... Grundy, R.C. 1843 Maysville (Ky.) : Collins & Brown, McGill pamphlets vol.5 Catholic Layman. Brief refutation, Anti-Catholicism
Review of the lectures on the relative strength of Catholicity and Protestantism Catholic layman. 1854 St. Louis : Hartnett, job printer, McGill pamphlets vol.5 Apologetics, Rice, Nathan Louis.
Speech of J.R. Chandler, of Penn'a, delivered in the House of Representatives, January 10, 1854. Chandler, Joseph Ripley, 1792-1880. 1854 Washington, D.C. : Congressional Globe, McGill pamphlets vol.5 Popes - Temporal power, Speeches
Substance of a sermon preached in St. Patrick's Church, Pittsburgh, Pa. on Sunday the 11th of November, 1832. Kenrick, Francis Patrick, Archbishop, 1796-1863. 1832 Pittsburgh : Conway & Phillips, printers, McGill pamphlets vol.5 Church and state, Sermons