Digital Scholarship @ CUA: Fall 2015 Mindset

While the Beloit Mindset List has been around as long as today’s first year students, it had never caused such a kerfuffle as it has this year. This list seeks to inform university professors and librarians as to the “mindset” of the new students they will encounter this year. All of a  sudden, this year, the list seems to be widening the divide. Stay calm! It doesn’t prove that faulty are old. It doesn’t prove that first year students are mindless. Learn from it!


Some may decry that the class of 2019 has never licked a postage stamp (#3); yet, we all should applaud that they have avidly joined Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermione as they built their reading skills through all seven volumes(#4).

The Class of 2019 has always had Google; email is formal communication, while texts and Facebook messaging are the quick communication option; and universities are paying attention to what it means to say yes and no

When talking with all students this year, remind them to visit their library – in person and digitally! The Pew Research Center published the surprising statistics that 59% of younger people 16-17 have visited the library in the last twelve months. While the Beloit Mindset list documents that the Class of 2019 has always had Google, remind them that their library webpage can connect them to a world of resources and tools!

We might add to the list:

Faculty and librarians should know the lingo of the class of 2019, hopefully NOT TL;DR  or ROFLOL!


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