Introducing! EDU is now available to our campus community through September 30, 2021. The streaming service is dedicated to jazz, soul, funk, and world music. Co-founded by music legend Quincy Jones and jazz impresario and producer Reza Ackbaraly. Qwest has over 1,000 + rarely seen or unreleased documentaries on legendary figures, as well as newcomers; hundreds of live shows and concerts; and archival footage from personal collections. It is a treasure-trove for music lovers.

Quincy Jones Image from Wikimedia Commons
Dave Brubeck Image from Wikimedia Commons

Being a fan of Dave Brubeck, I was excited to see archival footage of the Dave Brubeck quartet-RTBF Archives 1965. The quartet features Dave Brubeck on piano, Eugene Wright on bass, Joe Morello on drums, and Paul Desmond on alto saxophone. Check out the footage right here.

Take time over the holiday break to dive into this amazing streaming service! Access the streaming service using this link.

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