Popular Reading: The mysterious case of Rudolf Diesel: genius, power, and deception on the eve of World War I

Douglas Brunt’s The mysterious case of Rudolf Diesel: genius, power, and deception on the eve of World War I explores the fate of Rudolf Diesel, the inventor of the internal combustion engine, who vanished without a trace on the steamship Dresden en route to London in 1913.

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Title Author Status
The mysterious case of Rudolf Diesel : genius, power, and deception on the eve of World War I Brunt, Douglas
Be useful : seven tools for life Schwarzenegger, Arnold
Breaking through : my life in science Karikó, Katalin
Klan war : Ulysses S. Grant and the battle to save Reconstruction Bordewich, Fergus M.
Opinions : a decade of arguments, criticism, and minding other people’s business Gay, Roxane
Roman stories Lahiri, Jhumpa, author, translator.; Portnowitz, Todd
Making it so : a memoir Stewart, Patrick
Out there screaming : an anthology of new Black horror Peele, Jordan & Adams, John Joseph
Starling house Harrow, Alix E.
This is salvaged : stories Vara, Vauhini
Beyond the door of no return Diop, David
Black AF history : the un-whitewashed story of America Harriot, Michael
The golden gate Chua, Amy
Misbelief : what makes rational people believe irrational things Ariely, Dan
Our fragile moment : how lessons from Earth’s past can help us survive the climate crisis Mann, Michael E.
Starter villain Scalzi, John
America fantastica : a novel O’Brien, Tim
The best American short stories 2023 Lee, Min Jin
Endangered eating : America’s vanishing foods Lohman, Sarah
Gray areas : how the way we work perpetuates racism and what we can do to fix it Wingfield, Adia Harvey
The hidden language of cats : how they have us at meow Brown, Sarah L.
How to know a person : the art of seeing others deeply and being deeply seen Brooks, David
Hunting the falcon : Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn and the marriage that shook Europe Guy, J. A. (John Alexander)
An inconvenient cop : my fight to change policing in America Raymond, Edwin & Sternfeld, Jon,
Testament Smith, Wilbur A. & Chadbourn, Mark

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