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Starting research on any new topic is difficult, as identifying resources and evaluating them can be overwhelming when you are faced with a seemingly endless amount of online possibilities. Case in point is my recent experience.  I needed to find information on CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy, a topic with which I had little familiarity. I wondered where I could find trusted, peer-reviewed articles? A library resource I turned to is Oxford Bibliographies: Social Work

Using this title, I was able to search for and find an annotated bibliography on my topic. The bibliography with commentary includes a general introduction to the topic and a list of authoritative books, textbooks, journal articles, workbooks, and videos. Because CBT is an expansive subject, the bibliography also outlines relevant subfields, such as clinical applications for diverse populations, different ages, groups or families, and trauma sufferers.  In addition, it includes citations to publications that attest to the relationship of CBT to mindfulness cognitive therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy. What a wealth of information!  With this single and singular resource, I was able to find enough information to answer all of my initial questions.  Should I need to delve more deeply into my topic, I will return to this resource.

Four features are particularly noteworthy:

  • Each bibliography is selectively curated by practitioners and scholars.  The cognitive behavioral therapy bibliography I consulted was created in part by A. Antonio González-Prendes, a social work practitioner with decades of experience. 
  • The annotations provide sufficient information for the user to determine if the resource is worth exploring further.
  • Citations can be saved, exported, or shared.
  • Once you locate a source that you would like to access, you can quickly check to see if we have access to it. This is done by clicking on the “Find at CU” button underneath the “Find this Resource” tab underneath every annotated resource. If we do not have access to a book or an article, you can use interlibrary loan to get a copy of it. 

 Oxford Bibliographies: Social Work is part of a series published by Oxford University Press. Through our database subscriptions, the University Libraries has access to bibliographies in these broad categories:

  • Biblical Studies 
  • Classics
  • Criminology
  • Islamic Studies  
  • Medieval Studies
  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Sociology 

Within these broad categories, one can find more specific subjects, such as canon law, feudalism, mass media,  justice, and psychotic disorders, to name just a few of the more than 2,500 bibliographies. 

Without a doubt, learning how to use a new resource can be a challenge, but do not worry! Oxford Bibliographies publishes helpful handouts and video tours to guide new users. 

Oxford Bibliographies are listed among the University Libraries’ databases. Click here to get started (login with CU credentials).

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