Popular Reading: Disillusioned: Five Families and the Unraveling of America’s Suburbs

Benjamin Herold’s Disillusioned: Five Families and the Unraveling of America’s Suburbs tells the stories of five American families, providing a survey of how hope, history, and racial denial collide in the suburbs and their schools.

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Title Author Status
Disillusioned: Five Families and the Unraveling of America’s Suburbs Herold, Benjamin
Anna O Blake, Matthew
Behind You Is the Sea: A Novel in Stories Darraj, Susan Muaddi
The Curse of Pietro Houdini Miller, Derek B.
Martyr! Akbar, Kaveh
Poor Deer Oshetsky, Claire
The Tusks of Extinction Nayler, Ray
Be a Revolution: How Everyday People Are Fighting Oppression and Changing the World, and How You Can, Too Oluo, Ijeoma
Holocaust, The: An Unfinished History Stone, Dan
How to ADHD: An Insider’s Guide to Working With Your Brain Not Against It McCabe, Jessica
Toxic: Women, Fame, and the Tabloid 2000s Ditum, Sarah
Wisdom of Plagues, The: Lessons from 25 Years of Covering Pandemics McNeil, Donald G., Jr.
The Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder Miller, Cara L.
Cahokia Jazz Spufford, Francis
Float Up, Sing Down Hunt, Laird
Fourteen Days: A Collaborative Novel Atwood, Margaret
Big Meg: The Story of the Largest and Most Mysterious Predator That Ever Lived Flannery, Tim F. & Flannery, Emma
If Love Could Kill: The Myths and Truths of Women Who Commit Violence Motz, Anna
Why We Read: On Bookworms, Libraries, and Just One More Page Before Lights Out Reed, Shannon

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