Appy Hour:

App: logo
Price: Free
Device: Reviewed on an iPad

The app, by, allows users to access their content from mobile devices.

While offers a wide variety of education videos, my experience with has been learning about desktop softwares and applications. What makes this application great is that I can watch the videos on the iPad, or other mobile device, while simultaneously working with the software on my desktop.

When you open the application, you see “recommendations for you” on top half of the dashboard and a combination of new and recently viewed courses on the bottom half. The triple line icon in the upper left intuits options. When you click, you are asked to log in. Once logged in, your courses, assignments, playlists and history are there on a left side menu. In addition, you are offered courses by subject, a settings option, and a contact option. Meanwhile, you can still see the dashboard on the right.

The true value of the experience is the content. This application offers a very accessible and uncomplicated space to view their content. I usually disregard the star rating on reviews if there are less than 100 reviews. This app has 22 reviews in the App Store averaging 4 ½ stars. Considering the app experience, I agree with the high rating.

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