Digital Scholarship @ CUA: Learning Digitally

Next week we will share some ways we collaborate and learn digitally. Learning now happens at the desktop – even mobile – level with the use of webinars, MOOC’s and video tutorials.

This week, we suggest you try a podcast. This American Life and Chicago Public Media debuted the podcast in Serial with 12 episodes in the Fall of 2014 and reached a global audience. A podcast can breathe life into a subject as a passionate researcher explains and clarifies and tells a good story.

This podcast by David Weinberger, based on his paper The Rise, Fall, and Possible Rise of Open News Platforms: The Twisty Path towards a Net Ecosystem That Makes News More Discoverable, Reusable, and Relevant explores the news industry and the use of digital tools, API’s.

If you are interested in more on podcasts and higher education you might read: Lonn, S., & Teasley, S. D. (2009). Podcasting in higher education: what are the implications for teaching and learning?. The Internet and Higher Education, 12(2), 88-92.

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