Digital Scholarship @ CUA: Digital tools they are a changin’

Have you noticed enhancements to some of the platforms from publishers?measure-629659_640

Article level metrics are now incorporated in Science Direct (Elsevier), Wiley and Sage publications.

Altmetric is now on board for all Wiley journals

From Elsevier: Article level metrics: a valuable way to gauge an article’s real-time impact

From Sage: Article Metrics & Usage Statistics Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The value of this to a researcher may mean finding new collaborators or communicating research results to a wider audience.


twitter-292988_640For example, take a look at the article from a CUA researcher and collaborators Performance pay or redistribution? Cultural differences in just-world beliefs and preferences for wage inequality by Douglas H. Frank, Klaus Wertenbroch and William W. Maddux. This article was published in September 2015 and has been tweeted 3 times.



— Kimberly Hoffman

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