Digital Scholarship @ CUA: Keeping up! BrowZine now on the web!


It’s digital tools January! A new semester requires a new focus on how we get our jobs done.

How does a researcher keep up with ideas, innovations and industry? They read the scholarly literature – usually available in journal or pdf format.

Researchers at CUA may search across platforms using the SearchBox; or they may use digital tools like Feedly for RSS feeds; or they may sign up for TOC alerts in email.

Since 2013, the digital tool BrowZine has been available for mobile computing across tablets, iPads and Smart Phones. Now, BrowZine is adding a web platform!

According to BrowZine, you can:

  • Browse and read journals: Browse journals by subject, easily review tables of contents, and download full articles
  • Use the durable linking capability of to easily link to specific “shelves” in BrowZine from your courseware to help guide students to complete assignments, such as familiarizing themselves with journals in their field and writing a summary article or research paper about the material they find.

In the mobile app, you can create a personal experience as well:

  • Create your own bookshelf: Add journals to your personal bookshelf and be notified when new articles are published
  • Save and export articles: Save articles for off-line reading or export to services such as DropBox, Mendeley, RefWorks, Zotero, Papers and more

Be Inspired with BrowZine from Third Iron on Vimeo.


— Kimberly Hoffman

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