Login to Use Most Computers in Mullen

The Library has implemented a login requirement for most of the desktop computers in Mullen.  CUA students, faculty and staff will need to enter their CUA network username and password (also used for your CUA email) to use the computers.  Please remember to logout when you finish, so that your information is secure.  The computers in the first floor lobby will remain available for anyone to use to quickly check email, look up a book, etc. They will not require a login.

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2 thoughts on “Login to Use Most Computers in Mullen

  1. I am taking a workshop class for teacher certification, and so cannot get an ID/login. but, I need access to the computers to research stuff for hw and projects.

    why the sudden change in policy? is there any other place on campus where students such as myself can logon?

  2. We have 12 computers available on the first floor for library patrons who do not have CUA accounts. If you have special needs or can not use the stand up computers, please speak with the Information Desk staff. And if you have your own laptop you can take advantage of the Libraries’ wireless network anywhere in the building.

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