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New database: Early English Books Online (EEBO)

The Catholic University of America Libraries now has EEBO, Early English Books Online.  The EEBO contains the full text of 100,000 early English works dating between 1475-1700. The subject areas covered include:  English literature, history, philosophy, linguistics, theology, music, fine arts, education, mathematics, and science.  This subscription is made possible by Professor Michael Mack and the Department of English.

ProQuest Databases Down for Maintenance 9/26-27

ProQuest, one of our major databases companies, is going to be releasing new software this weekend. In preparation, they must take all databases down from 10:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 26 until 10:00 a.m. on Sunday the 27th.

Among the databases that will be affected:

  • ABI/Inform
  • ArchivesUSA
  • Career and Technical Education
  • Dissertation Abstracts (and Dissertations from CUA)
  • Historical Newspapers
  • International Index to Music Periodicals
  • Library and Information Science Abstracts
  • Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts
  • Patrologia Latina Database
  • PILOTS – Index to PTSD
  • ProQuest (Periodical Abstracts)
  • Social Services Abstracts
  • Sociological Abstracts
  • Worldwide Political Science

In addition, online journals published by Chadwyck-Healey, a subsidiary of ProQuest, will also be unavailable.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Patrons can now create Playlists in Naxos!

Patrons can now create Playlists in Naxos.

Go here and create an account:

You will be sent a message to verify your account.

Once that is done, visit Naxos and click on the Playlists tab just under the search box. It will ask you to log in.

Now you can create and keep your playlists.

Here are instructions for creating and using your playlists:

New Database: Library of Latin Texts, Series B

CUA Libraries has now acquired Series B of The Library of Latin Texts.  Series B contains the existing editions of the works of theologians, philosophers and other writers.  Series A contains critical editions, many from the Corpus Christianorum series.

The list of writers:

– Aemilius Asper (pseudo)
– Aemilius Asper (pseudo) (Asporius, Asperius, Asper minor)
– Agroecius
– Alcuinus
– Anonymus Bobiensis
– Aphthonius (Aelius Festus Aphthonius uel Asmonius, id est: Marius Uictorinus [pseudo])
– Appendix ad Catholica Pseudo-Probi (e cod. Vindobonensi 16 olim Bobiensi, saec. VII uel VIII)
– Appendix ad Eutychis Artem (de deponentibus uel communibus uerbis)
– Appendix ad Metrorii [Maximi Uictorini] De finalibus [metrorum]: De caesuris
– Aquila Romanus
– Ars Bernensis
– Ars rhetorica Clodiani de statibus (et alia excerpta e cod. Bernensi 363 saec. IX)
– Arusianus Messius
– Auctor anonymus Bobiensis de litteris
– Auctor anonymus de orthographia
– Audax
– Bacon (Rogerus Bacon)
– Balbus (pseudo)
– Beda Uenerabilis
– Breuis expositio Uergilii Georgicorum (‘Burmannianus G’)
– Caesius Bassus
– Caesius Bassus (pseudo)
– Capitula ad Eutychis Artem (sec. cod. Parisinum 7499, saec. XI)
– Carmen de figuris uel schematibus (= AL 485 R)
– Carmen de pedibus (e cod. Vindobonensi 2521 saec. XI)
– Carmen de ponderibus et mensuris (= AL 486 R)
– Charisius (Flauius Sosipater Charisius)
– Charisius (pseudo) (Flauius Sosipater Charisius [pseudo])
– Cledonius
– Commentarii Berolinenses ad res metricas pertinentes (e cod. Berolinensi 66 olim Santeniano, saec. VIII)
– Consentius
– De adtributis personae et negotiis (ex Ciceronis De inuentione libro primo)
– De dubiis nominibus
– De idiomatibus casuum (e cod. Parisino 7530, saec. VIII ex.)
– Differentiae sermonum (Differentiae Ciceronis)
– Diomedes
– Dionysius Periegeta secundum translationem et retractationem quas fecit Priscianus
– Donatianus
– Donatus (Aelius Donatus)
– Dosithei Ars grammatica
– Emporius
– Eutyches
– Excerpta ex commentariis in Donatum
– Excerpta ex Macrobii opere De uerborum Graeci Latinique differentiis uel societatibus [Excerpta a Iohanne Scoto Eriugena collecta ut uidetur]
– Excerpta ex Macrobii opere De uerborum Graeci Latinique differentiis uel societatibus [Excerpta e commentario Remigii Autissiodorensis ut uidetur]
– Excerpta ex Uirgilii Maronis grammatici Epitomis
– Excerpta ex Uirgilio Marone grammatico (e cod. Bernensi 123, saec. X) [= excerpta ex arte quae ‘Donatus ortigraphus’ nuncupatur]
– Excerpta rhetorica e codice Parisino 7530 (saec. VIII ex.)
– Excerpta Uaticana de positura, de chria, de poemate, de uersu, de accentibus
– Explanationum in artem Donati liber I (cuius auctor ‘Sergius’ uel ‘Seruius’ dicitur)
– Explanationum in artem Donati liber II (cuius auctor ‘Sergius’ uel ‘Seruius’ dicitur)
– Fortunatianus (Atilius Fortunatianus)
– Fortunatianus (Consult(i)us Fortunatianus [diu perperam Caius Chirius Fortunatianus nominatus])
– Fragmenta Bobiensia ad grammaticam pertinentia
– Fragmenta de praepositionibus et uerbis e cod. Parisino 7520 (saec. VIII) [uerisimiliter excerpta retractata e Terentii Scauri opere]
– Fragmenta Parisina ad grammaticam pertinentia
– Fragmenta Sangallensia ad res metricas pertinentia
– Fragmentum de caesuris (e cod. Wolfenbuttelano olim Weissenburgensi 86 saec. IX)
– Grammatici incerti glossae ad Uergilii Aeneidos XII pertinentes (ex Barthii Aduersariorum commentariorum libro XXXIII, 13) [1624 / 1648]
– Hermogenes secundum translationem et retractationem quas fecit Priscianus
– Iohannes Duns Scotus
– Iulius Rufinianus
– Iulius Rufinianus (pseudo)
– Iulius Seuerus
– Maecianus (Lucius Uolusius Maecianus)
– Magni glossarum libri glossae quibus Uergilii nomen praefixum est (litt. A – E, sec. cod. Bernensem 16)
– Mallius Theodorus (Flauius Mallius Theodorus)
– Marius Uictorinus
– Martyrius (Adamantii filius)
– Metrorius [Maximus Uictorinus]
– Notae XXI quae uersibus apponi consuerunt (‘Anecdotum Parisinum’: laterculus fortasse e Suetonio excerptus, e cod. Parisino 7530 [saec. VIII ex.] editus)
– Palaemon (pseudo) (Quintus Remmius Palaemon [pseudo])
– Papiri(an)us (Quintus Papirianus)
– Petri (scil. Pisani) grammatici excerpta
– Philargyrius (Iunius Philargyrius) (dubium an Filagrius)
– Phocas (Focas)
– Phocas (Focas) (pseudo)
– Pompeius (Maurus)
– Primae explanationes Sergii de prioribus Donati grammatici urbis Romae
– Priscianus
– Priscianus (pseudo)
– Probus (Marcus Ualerius Probus)
– Probus (pseudo) (Marcus Ualerius Probus [pseudo] – Scripta Probiana)
– Quaestiones grammaticae selectae ex codice Bernensi 83 excerptae
– Remigius Autissiodorensis
– Rufinus Antiochensis grammaticus
– Rutilius Namatianus (Claudius Rutilius Namatianus )
– Sacerdos (Marius Plotius Sacerdos)
– Scaurus (pseudo) (Quintus Terentius Scaurus [pseudo])
– Scaurus (Quintus Terentius Scaurus)
– Schemata dianoeas
– Scholia codicis rescripti Ueronensis in Uergilii Bucolica, Georgica, Aeneidem (fragmenta)
– Scriptoris incerti glossarium Uergilianum (ex Barthii Aduersariorum commentariorum libro XXXVII, 5)
– Sedulius Scotus
– Sergius (dubium an nomen auctoris corruptum sit)
– Sergius (pseudo)
– Seruius grammaticus (dubium) (Maurus Seruius Honoratus [dubium])
– Seruius grammaticus (Maurus Seruius Honoratus)
– Seruius grammaticus (Maurus Seruius Honoratus) [‘Seruius auctus’]
– Sulpicius Uictor (Sulpitius Uictor)
– Terentianus Maurus
– Terentianus Maurus (fragmentum a Seruio seruatum)
– Testamentum porcelli
– Tractatus de adtributis personae et negotio (siue Commentarius in Ciceronis De inuentione libri I capita 24-28)
– Uelius Longus
– Uergilius Aspri (Grammatica Uergiliana)
– Uita Donati grammatici

New Database Available

We are very pleased to announce that CUA students, faculty and staff now have access to the Education Research Complete database. We hope you will find it helpful. It includes bibliographic information and abstracts of articles from over 1600 journals, full text from over 1000 of those, and the full text of over 130 books and numerous conference papers. It covers all levels and specializations in education and education administration. It also crosses into areas such as psychology, health/nursing, and social work. As with all library databases, access is available from any internet connected computer.  Off campus users, log in using your CUA ID number.

Libraries Add New Online Journal Content

The University Libraries now offer full online access to over 2,000 journals published by Springer and Sage. These peer-reviewed scholarly journals cross all disciplines, and include some of the most significant academic titles currently published. All of the titles are accessible through the CU e-journals link on our homepage or the Find It button within database search results. Online backfiles for Springer titles are available from 1997, Sage titles from 1999. The Libraries are able to offer these significant collections of titles, in the online format preferred by our users, through our membership in the PALINET library network and special offers from the publishers. By moving our small number of print titles from these two publishers to online only, we have added thousands of new titles and actually lowered our costs.