Studying Mullen Library Itself

As we approach the 100th anniversary of the construction of Mullen Library in 2028, Facilities has hired the architectural firm SmithGroup to:

  • make a preliminary study of the existing conditions & history of Mullen Library;
  • assess the space needs for collections & library services; and
  • rough out some options & pricing for possible future renovation work.

Later this spring, the firm will organize focus group meetings with stakeholders on campus to discuss space needs for library collections and services. By the end of the summer, the architects are expected to develop some test fits and share some rough options for future renovations for the university to consider.

As one of the first steps in their study, during the winter intersession SmithGroup took a 3D scan of Mullen Library. As of today, their reference points are still mounted throughout the inside and even outside of the building awaiting confirmation that all the data collected is good. The interior scanning was primarily done by walking the building while wearing the scanning apparatus, but the exterior scan and transition to the inside was done by tripod mounted scanners. These scans will allow for the most exact architectural drawings of Mullen ever done and will help the firm experiment with and mock up any proposed renovations to the building.

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