News and Events: WRLC, a Valuable Resource


For over 35 years, the Washington Research Library Consortium has taken decisive action to empower students and faculty in our member institutions. Through our collaborative partnership, WRLC consistently achieves substantive outcomes by:

  • Hosting a preservation-quality space for print materials
  • Actively promoting college affordability through open access books, journals, and textbooks
  • Ensuring a secure environment for digital content
  • Strengthening partner library staff through centralized training, support, and professional development initiatives.

The WRLC community consists of:

  • WRLC Staff: 18
  • Member Institutions’ Library Staff: 550+
  • Students Served: 110,000+
  • Faculty Supported: 9,000+

Digital Resources:

  • JSTOR E-books Provided: 88,000
  • Cost per Use: $0.60
  • DeGruyter E-books and Journals: 17,000


Collaborative investments from our partners within WRLC empower us to collectively achieve ambitious objectives on a scale that would be cost-prohibitive when pursued independently. Our shared vision underscores the principle that each financial contribution to WRLC not only yields substantial returns but also fortifies our community of trust. This interdependent relationship serves as a cornerstone for the advancement of pedagogy, scholarship, and research, profoundly benefiting our academic ecosystem.




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