Appy Hour: Settle It!

App: Settle It!  Settle It!

By: PolitiFact
Price: Free
Device: Reviewed on iPhone

If you’re planning to watch the second presidential debate on Sunday night, you’ll hear both candidates make a lot of claims about their opponent and cite a lot of figures. Sift the true from the false with Settle It!, an app from the independent, nonpartisan news organization PolitiFact.

Tap the Settle It! button and search for specific topics mentioned in the debate. You can also tap the browse button to look at subjects (e.g. economy) or speakers (e.g. Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump). There is also an option to search by target (e.g. Barack Obama), but the information there is sometimes sparse. Every fact has a truthfulness rating and an explanation with links to sources. If you’re not sure what you want to read about, head over to the trending section.

Additionally, you can take the PolitiFact Challenge, where you guess whether a statement is true, false, or outrageously false. A new quiz appears every week. Share your score on Twitter, Facebook, text message, email, etc.




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