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App: Voter Voter icon
By: Voter, LLC
Price: Free
Device: Reviewed on iPhone

The election is approaching fast and you may still be undecided or you might just want a simple introduction to today’s political issues. Voter allows you to answer simple questions about your stance on various topics and provides information on them along the way. At the end, the app matches you with a presidential candidate and political party.

When you open Voter, it asks if you want to sign in with your email address or Facebook or continue without signing in. If you choose to sign in, the app will save your matching information and you can compare your matches to other users.

Questions appear on the screen and you swipe right for yes and left for no. The questions deal with issues like immigration, abortion, same-sex marriage, onshore drilling, etc. You can click for more information on each topic and indicate how important that subject is to you. The app also provides some brief background information and a few reasons to vote yes or no. There are five sets of questions for a total of 83 questions, but you are not required to complete all tiers. As you move through each level, the questions become more detailed. Unfortunately, the app does not allow you to skip any questions within a group.

After analyzing your responses, Voter shows you matches to a political party and presidential candidate. If your views are diverse, the presidential candidate might not be from the same political party. It also lists “influencers,” which are people who align with your views. These people include journalists, pundits, television hosts, and even celebrities. If you enter your address, Voter may also be able to match you to local politicians up for reelection, such as governors and senators. This feature doesn’t appear to be available for all areas.

Finally, there is an Updates section with news articles from sources like NPR, Fox News, and Reuters.



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