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Text Messaging coming to Aladin Catalog

Beginning Monday, December 8th, you will be able to send call numbers to your mobile phone from the Aladin Catalog. No more pencil and paper!

To use, click on the new ‘Text it’ button on the item record page.

Text it

When you click on it, a window will pop up.

Send text popup

Enter your phone number and provider and that’s it! The call number, title, and author will instantly be sent to your mobile phone.

Written by: Joel Shields, WRLC

Alternate ways to search while catalog is down

Access to the ALADIN Catalog continues to be problematic. In the meanwhile there are still options for conducting research in the library and electronically.

Access to electronic journal articles and databases
The problems we are experiencing with the catalog should not affect the subscription databases. You should still be able to access them as normal.

Finding books and journals in CUA Libraries
Although you may not be able to search our library catalog right now, there is a database known as OCLC WorldCat that can serve as a catalog to libraries nationwide. After you conduct a search, look through the results for items labeled Catholic Univ of America. These are items we actually own. Click on the title to see the full record and a partial call number – this will help you locate the item in the stacks. However be warned – WorldCat does not have circulation data, so it will not tell you if an item is checked out, nor if it is in a campus library as opposed to Mullen. Ask at the Information Desk if you are unsure.

WorldCat item in CUA

You can also specify that WorldCat list only items from CUA Libraries in the search results. From the main WorldCat page, select Expert Search, scroll down until you find Limit availability to: and check the box next to Items in my library. This is actually a fairly decent way to continue your research while the catalog is down.

Limit availability to CUA items.

If you have any questions please Ask a Librarian.

ALADIN Catalog is down

The Voyager server that powers the ALADIN Catalog is currently experiencing problems that prevent access to the catalog. WRLC is working on the problem and hopes to have it corrected soon. We will post a message when the catalog is up and running again.

You should be able to access the Article Databases as normal since the problem does not affect them.

New feature in ALADIN Catalog

This week a new feature quietly debuted in the ALADIN Catalog. Each item record includes a URL that is a permanent link to that record.

Previously, if you wanted the URL of an item you might have copied what was in the web address bar:,5&Search_Arg=dc%20comics&Search_Code=GKEY^&CNT=25&SL=Submit%26LOCA%3D-CATHOLIC%20UNIVERSITY|1&PID=cnD5qIc_HbOYzn9iUz-dMHAs5Sn79uZ&SEQ=20080910152924&SID=1

That URL basically recreates the search you conducted to find the item. Now we have permanent URLs for each record that look similar to this:

When might you use this? Whenever you need a link to the item record. Perhaps you want to email a fellow student about a book, or place a link in a web page, or are compiling a bibliography. If you have any questions or comments about this feature, please let us know.

How do I find it? Just pull up the item record in the ALADIN Catalog, and look for the phrase “Permanent Link to this Record.” The text next to it that begins with “” is what you want. Be sure to copy the whole thing, including the numbers.