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The Archivist’s Nook: CatholicU’s First Residents: A “Grotesque” History

While walking across campus, have you ever looked up? The first residents of campus are still present, peering down… Since the very opening of the University, every generation of Cardinals has studied and graduated under the watchful eyes of Caldwell Hall. And we do mean eyes, as the exterior of the building has been home Read More

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The Archivist’s Nook: Historic Stained Glass of Caldwell Chapel

Author Katherine Santa Ana served as Graduate Library Pre-Professional (GLP), 2015-2017. On the 2nd of October, 1888, the first rector of the Catholic University of America signed a contract to purchase seventeen stained glass windows from the Benzinger Brothers, acting as agents of the Royal Bavarian Art Institute, F.X. Zettler of Munich, for $4,950, payable Read More

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