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New Exhibit: Deity

On display now in the May Gallery for Spring 2024 is Deity, showcasing the work of Hadrian Mendoza, a potter and lecturer in CU’s Department of Art. Mendoza is a graduate of Mary Washington College (VA) and studied at the Corcoran School of Art (DC). His work is in the permanent collections of museums in Read More

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The Archivist’s Nook: “The Road Goes On” – The Making of the Tolkien Exhibit

Every year, on the week of the 22nd day of September, the passionate community of J.R.R. Tolkien’s enthusiasts gather together all around the world to pay tribute to the creator of Middle-earth. This date wasn’t selected arbitrarily. On September 22nd,  Bilbo and Frodo famously celebrate their concurrent birthday in the first chapter of The Lord Read More

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Art Exhibit: Created in Reverence

What drives an artist to create?  For the viewer of the drawing, painting, or sculpture, mystery often surrounds the creative process. It is also true that what motivates an artist varies amongst artists. For Dony Mac Manus, Lecturer of Drawing and Sculpture in the Department of Art, Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art and the University’s first Artist in Residence, the starting point is often a commission for a work of liturgical art. Like many artists, he develops his ideas first through sketches Read More

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May Gallery Exhibit: “Bridging Sign & Script” – January 31 – March 9

Exhibit extended to March 9! Mount Serabit in the Sinai desert of Egypt is the site of the discovery of some of the earliest examples of West Semitic alphabet writing.  This Proto-Sinaitic script has been called the first alphabet.  The exhibit focuses on the work of the 1930 Harvard-Catholic University Joint Expedition to Serabit-el-Khadim and Read More

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Outstanding CUA Alumni in Mullen Library’s May Gallery

Come and learn about notable figures from the Catholic University of America’s history in our “Outstanding CUA Alumni” exhibit located in the May Gallery of Mullen Library. The exhibit will be up from October through December of 2014. Outstanding CUA Alumni include: Jon Voight, Julie Nixon Eisenhower, Martin O’Malley, Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, Venerable Fulton Read More

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Mullen Library Art Exhibit: “Fine Lines: Discovering Rembrandt and Other Old Masters at Catholic University”

Mullen Library will be hosting an art exhibit of CUA works including a Rembrandt print discovered by CUA President David O’Connell.  The exhibit will in the May gallery from  January 11th to May 21st.  Full story

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