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New Research Guide for Dissertations and Theses

Trying to locate a dissertation or thesis? Start with our new research guide: Dissertations and Theses. This guide will assist graduate students in locating dissertations, and writing their own dissertation. The guide has information on: specific instructions for locating dissertations at Catholic University of America locating dissertations at other American institutions locating foreign and open Read More

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The Archivist’s Nook: The Great Depression Revisited

The novel coronavirus pandemic has left record numbers of Americans jobless—inviting comparisons between now and the Great Depression almost one hundred years ago. The Archives at the Catholic University of America (CatholicU) is well positioned to offer a historical perspective on current events. Two particular collecting strengths from the Depression era, relating to Catholic views Read More

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Research Guide on Medieval Philosophers

Taras Zvir in Religious Studies and Humanities Services has created a research guide on Medieval Philosophers. This guide is intended to become a starting point for students, scholars, and researches to philosophers of medieval times (AD 400 – 1400).  It lists prime sources and selected secondary sources, and any other applicable materials on a given Read More

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New Research Guides on Shakespeare

Religious Studies and Humanities Services in Mullen Library present two new research guides on Shakespeare:  Shakespeare Studies: General and Shakespeare Studies: Performance. The guides were created by Samantha Saporito, GLP and edited by Kevin Gunn, Coordinator of Religious Studies and Humanities Services.  Faculty suggestions came from our Renaissance scholars Professors Michael Mack, Daniel Gibbons, Todd Read More

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New Research Guide in Drama and Theatre at CUA

New research guide in Drama and Theatre at The Catholic University of America.  You may find other research guides on our main Guides page.

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